Leading By Example

Establishing Our LNG Production & Distribution Platform

  1. January 2014 – Florida East Coast Railway (FECR), a Fortress Investment Group portfolio company, announced plans to convert its entire mainline locomotive fleet to LNG
    • Purchased and received 24 new locomotives from GE
    • Will be the 1st North American railroad to operate in regular mainline service with LNG
  1. May 2014 – Began developing LNG liquefaction plant in Miami, FL
    • 100,000 LNG gallons/day capacity – fully operational by Q4 2015
    • Will be the 1st non-utility owned (“merchant”) LNG plant in the U.S. southeast
  1. December 2014 – FECR purchased Raven Transport – one of the largest LNG-burning trucking fleets in the U.S.
    • 184 LNG tractors currently in operation
    • 482 LNG tractors by 2019