C.E. Rhodes sets big goals to make a positive impact


Meet C.E.

Our Chief Compliance Officer C.E. Rhodes became a lawyer because of his parents – not because they pushed him to study law, but because he didn’t want them to get pushed around.

“I wanted to help others,” he recalls. “Specifically, I never wanted anyone to take advantage of my parents by putting a piece of paper in front of them that they did not understand.”

CE Rhodes

"It’s my hope that others see me as a humble, ethical leader"

He is grateful that his parents were focused on providing a great childhood for him and his siblings.

“They taught us to value education, work hard, and build meaningful personal relationships by treating everyone with dignity and respect,” he says. “That is why I am so driven to pursue excellence in everything I do, and to help others reach and achieve their potential. It’s my hope that others see me as a humble, ethical leader.”

That’s certainly how we view C.E. here at New Fortress Energy, where he advises us on how best to mitigate risks, including his work to build a best-in-class compliance program tailored to our unique business. He also continues to make people his priority.

“Without question, my colleagues are the best part of New Fortress Energy,” he says. “Everyone here is bright, hard-working, ethical, and has a strong drive to help the company succeed. I appreciate working with such an inspiring team.”

CE Rhodes

"Treat everyone with respect"

And he continues to live out the lessons he was taught growing up in a small town in Virginia.

“I learned that news travels fast, so treat everyone with respect, because if you are a jerk, everyone knows,” he explains. “And I learned to dream big. As a child, I would close my eyes, spin a globe, and pick a place I hoped to visit or someday live. I have been fortunate to turn that dream into reality by visiting more than 40 countries, and I still dream about accomplishing so much more both personally and professionally. I believe life is about the relationships you develop with the people you meet. I have been able to do business and make friends with people from all over the world and different walks of life, and my life has been enriched because of those relationships.”

We appreciate C.E. and all our team members who enrich our lives and our business with their positive energy!