Jatila Ranasinghe is working to empower a world powered by zero emissions energy


Meet Jatila

When Jatila Ranasinghe joined New Fortress Energy in 2018, it wasn’t his first time working with energy. It wasn’t even his first time working with gas. But it was his first time working to help build an energy infrastructure company from scratch – just the kind of problem he thrives on solving.


“I had many mentors and friends who helped shape my career”

Jatila grew up in Sri Lanka, the small island nation in the Indian Ocean, where his mom encouraged the value of a solid education. That’s exactly what he received, with a solid focus on mechanical engineering from his bachelor’s degree from the University of Moratuwa to his master’s and doctorate from Oregon State University.

After working for six years as a senior heat transfer engineer in the oil and gas division at the Parsons Corporation, Jatila was ready for a change.

“I love solving tough problems, learnings new things, and being part of great teams,” he recalls. He spent the next 23 years at General Electric and Power, applying his engineering expertise to problems ranging from developing the first H class combined-cycle gas turbine power plant in Japan, to handling quality assurance related to a major fleet issue, to designing power generation systems, to heading General Electric and Power's product line for gas turbines and combined cycles. He has been awarded 43 patents – so far.

Jatila & Katie

“I love our focus on helping the world to democratize power and clean the environment"

Today, Jatila is our Head of Power, and he’s also a founding member of our Zero team, which works toward the long-term goal of becoming a leading global producer of emissions free energy.

“I evaluate new hydrogen technologies we are considering investing in and piloting,” he says. “I love our focus on helping the world to democratize power and clean the environment with an ambitious goal of zero emissions by 2030. We have a great team tackling tough goals that will have positive impacts on the world.”

When he’s not helping solve the world’s issues of energy access and sustainability, Jatila can also be found traveling the world with his family, and even climbing the Great Wall of China.

It’s people like Jatila who are helping shape the world’s future - we’re proud to have him on our team!