Mission Accomplished - LNG Arrives In Mobay For Use At JPS's Bogue Plant

Jamaica Gleaner

October 24, 2016

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has all but fulfilled its mission to begin utilising liquefied natural gas (LNG) at its plant in Bogue, St James, with Saturday's arrival of LNG supplies to the Port of Montego Bay in St James.

The supplies will be channelled from the feeder ship Anthony Veder through pipelines to JPS's Bogue plant for consumption.

Describing the arrival as "a truly historic moment", JPS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kelly Tomblin said LNG would play a key role in transforming the energy sector, while supporting industrial development and economic growth.

"These are very exciting times for all of us," noted Tomblin, who was on hand for the ship's arrival.

"We are definitely on the threshold of great things for Jamaica and the rest of the region."

Earlier this year, the existing Bogue power plant was upgraded to allow fuelling with either natural gas or automotive diesel oil.

Tomblin pointed out that New Fortress Energy, the cargo supplier and JPS partner, has invested a total of US$750 million in the construction of its LNG terminal.

JPS and New Fortress have also signed an agreement to extend the supply of gas to Jamaica to a new 190MW power plant at Old Harbour Bay in St Catherine.


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