A Good Fix For Energy Mix - 2016 Moves By JPS Could Push 2017 Economic Growth

Jamaica Gleaner

January 1, 2017

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) decided to take the plunge and introduced natural gas to the country's energy mix last year, and it is already reporting that the transition from automotive diesel oil (ADO) at its Bogue Power Plant in Montego Bay,

St James, has been a success.

Last year, the plant was converted to use primarily natural gas and then, come November, with the completion of the regasification terminal in the Montego Bay Freeport, natural gas was piped to the plant and used, for the first time locally, to generate electricity.

Senior-vice president of generation at the JPS, Joseph Williams, last week told our news team: "The transition from automotive diesel oil to natural gas has been smooth and seamless."


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