Red Stripe to be powered by LNG

Loop Jamaica

June 9, 2017

Red Stripe is set to save $43 million (US$336,000) per annum through the use of liquefied natural gas.

In the turn-key supply agreement with New Fortress Energy, Red Stripe’s use of LNG will also help the brewer meet its sustainability goals. 

The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 6,000 tonnes per annum.

LNG will be utilized to power Red Stripe’s Combined Heat and Power Plant, boosting output over 50 percent. There will also be a conversion of Red Stripe's main steam boilers, which currently use heavy fuel oil, to natural gas, which is proven to be cleaner and more environmentally friendly.  

As a result of these conversions, the plant’s steam output will also increase by 50 percent, reducing fuel usage overall onsite...

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