Red Stripe Eyes Big Savings

Jamaica Gleaner

September 14, 2017

Local brewers Red Stripe stand to save approximately 50 per cent in annual energy cost as it moves ahead with incorporating the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a cleaner, cheaper fuel source, says Ricardo Nuncio, managing director.

"Having our own source of clean fuel, while taking between 10 and 15 per cent from the grid, will allow Red Stripe to save approximately 50 per cent per annum," Nuncio said.

He was part of a panel, which took part in a Gleaner Editors' Forum at the newspaper's North Street Offices on Tuesday, that was looking at the likely impact of the fledgling natural gas sector in Jamaica.

"What I can say is that it is a more efficient fuel source. In addition, the delta between LNG and heavy fuels is not that big because we've seen the pressure on prices on heavy fuels in the world is very depressed right now. So the delta is not that big. But what NLG gives is the possibility to have much more stable scenarios going forward," stated Nuncio.

"It gives you the possibility to plan for further ahead. It is definitely something that will allow us to become more efficient. So we are looking to generate savings of nearly 30 per cent of our operating costs alone," he said...

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