Jamaica's push towards natural gas use intensifies

Loop Jamaica

November 23, 2017

Jamaica’s energy diversification continues apace with liquefied natural gas (LNG) becoming an increasingly indispensable part of the country’s energy mix.

The push towards LNG will be underscored on December 1, when United States-based company, New Fortress Energy, breaks ground at Jamalco’s Halse Hall headquarters in Clarendon, for the construction of a 94-megawatt LNG powered combined heat and power plant. Construction of the plant will take approximately 24 months. Connection to the national grid is scheduled for December 2019.

More than 400 Jamaicans will be employed during the construction phase.

Founder and chairman of New Fortress, Wes Edens, made the announcement last Friday.

The development has been in the pipeline for a while as Cabinet had given its approval from as far back as June, 2016. The Jamaican government has a 49 per cent stake in Jamalco.

Addressing the first ever natural gas conference in New Kingston last month, Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, said LNG  was now “a significant part of the country's energy mix”.

Shaw said the government was well aware that the price of oil, particularly in the generation of affordable electricity, is a major challenge to economic growth and job creation. As such, turning to LNG was of particular importance...

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