We are helping lead the world's transition to cleaner, more affordable energy.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

New Fortress Energy developed, financed and currently operates a state of the art terminal in Montego Bay, delivering LNG throughout Jamaica.

Built in 2003, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited’s (“JPS”) 120 MW Bogue Power Station was unable to source natural gas. New Fortress Energy created a customized solution to deliver LNG to Jamaica, ending the country’s reliance on oil and making the dream of fuel diversification a reality.

Our terminal in Montego Bay features ample storage and a truck loading station to deliver LNG across the island to meet Jamaica’s growing industrial and commercial demand for LNG.


New Fortress Energy’s liquefaction facility is optimally located to provide transportation, commercial and industrial users in South Florida and the Caribbean access to LNG.

Our Miami plant fuels customers looking to reduce their reliance on diesel, remove volatility from their operating costs, improve environmental footprint and utilize gas as a competitive advantage.

Serving broad industries and international customers, the Miami plant was the first to export LNG from the Continental United States to a non-FTA country.

Old Harbour, Jamaica

New Fortress Energy is constructing a floating storage and regasification terminal to supply LNG to the first gas-fired combined cycle power plant in the Caribbean.

New Fortress Energy will fuel new generation at Old Harbour, which will replace 190 MW of inefficient HFO units, providing clean, baseload power to South Jamaica.

By 2019, about 600 MW of Jamaica’s generation will be powered by natural gas and renewables, exceeding the current 580 MW daily average. Fuel savings from this energy transformation are expected to be at least 30%. The introduction of LNG is estimated to replace over seven million barrels of petroleum.


New Fortress Energy is financing, developing and constructing a gas-fired power plant to supply high quality steam to Jamalco refinery and electricity to the Jamaican grid.

Jamalco mines bauxite and refines it into alumina, an energy intensive process. The introduction of new, innovative power generation will reduce operating costs, enabling Jamalco to become a top producer.

Additional power will be utilized by the grid, providing efficient, baseload power to the people of Jamaica.