Our Solutions

We work with end users to deliver fully integrated infrastructure that improves energy efficiency and environmental footprint.

We began this journey by making the change ourselves. As long-standing owners and operators of transportation and infrastructure assets, Fortress Investment Group sought a more efficient, environmentally friendly fuel source. As part of our effort to convert a Florida railway to LNG, we built the first privately owned liquefaction plant in the southeastern United States, marking the beginnings of New Fortress Energy. While supplying gas as an alternative fuel source to transportation projects and local industry, we saw the potential to deliver LNG to customers seeking reliable and affordable energy.

End-To-End Product

Our end-to-end product offering compresses schedules, provides for expansion opportunities and creates efficiencies for future growth.

Gas Supply

New Fortress Energy utilizes its transportation assets and logistics experience to meet both current and future customer demand across the world.


Our customized solutions are modular and scalable, allowing for fast deployment and reduced installation costs. We build energy infrastructure in logistically advantaged locations, managing the permitting, financing and development in a timely manner.


With increasing environmental regulations, volatile oil prices, and the growing availability of LNG, the shipping and cruise industries are aggressively planning for their transition to LNG-fueled vessels. New Fortress Energy is well positioned to provide fueling solutions as the industry adapts. 


As an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, New Fortress Energy is uniquely positioned to self-finance projects and rapidly deploy capital. We do not rely on project finance, drastically reducing the time to commission a project.

Why LNG?
  • Economical

    The proliferation of natural gas resources globally has provided an opportunity for energy users to convert to a more affordable, less volatile fuel source than conventional heavy fossil fuels.

  • Abundant

    Recent growth in the production of natural gas has increased availability of the affordable fuel source, providing unprecedented opportunities to bring LNG to areas where gas is needed most.

  • Safer

    LNG is odorless, colorless, noncorrosive, noncombustible and non-toxic. If LNG is spilled, it quickly vaporizes back to its gaseous state and disperses, leaving behind no polluting residue and requiring no clean up.

  • Cleaner

    LNG has the lowest emissions rate of major energy sources, emitting 30% less CO2 than oil and virtually no NOx, SOx and particulate matter. The introduction of LNG facilitates the integration of renewables, creating a greener, more efficient grid.