Deepak Bawa is on a mission to
leave a powerful legacy


Meet Deepak

Today Deepak Bawa, our Director of Project Development, is creating a portfolio of cleaner hydrogen production plants, but advanced technology wasn’t always an integral part of his life.

Deepak Bawa

“I come from a humble background,” Deepak says. “I grew up in Yamuna Nagar, a small town near New Delhi, India. It was a fun time with friends and family without any gadgets or internet, and limited channels on the black-and-white TV. I remember working with my father after school in the fields to grow corn, wheat, and vegetables. I knew I wanted more from life and worked hard in academics.”

He leveraged his interest in engineering, creating, and building things into a passion for mechanical engineering. In his first year at Punjab Technical University, he helped create an electric cart that gained positive attention from both his school and Mahindra Electric Mobility, an electric vehicle designer and manufacturer. After graduation, he worked with top Indian engineering, procurement, and construction companies including ISGEC and Technip before moving to Houston, Texas, in 2008 to work with UOP, KBR, IHI, SNC, and Kiewit. He has worked with us at New Fortress Energy in Miami and New York City since September 2020. 

Deepak Bawa

“I am proud that I have executed projects worth up to $4 billion to build liquefied natural gas export plants and hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol plants,” he says. “Now I’m working on green and blue hydrogen production plants, which this energy transition era needs. It is pretty exciting how impactful these projects can be for NFE and for the energy transition market. And here at NFE, we have all the freedom – and responsibility – to plan and execute our work. I like how top management appreciates the out-of-box ideas and implements those at the speed of light.”

A disciplined life philosopher whom friends might call Mr. “Get it Done,” Deepak is a self-starter motivated by both his own drive and the people who mean the most to him.   

“My mother has been the pillar of our family,” he says. “She has a never-give-up attitude, and she taught me to follow my dreams and learn from the failures, because without failure there's no success. My father was a champion professional wrestler, and that drew me toward bodybuilding, a hobby that keeps me sane in trying times. My biggest inspiration and support system is my beautiful wife, Tanvi. We just celebrated 18 years of togetherness, and our two little ones, Zavian, age 5, and Aveer, who’s 2 months old, are the reason that I dare to dream big and want to leave a legacy.” 

Even Deepak’s pastime dreams are big – this year, he is planning to try skydiving.

“We have limited time on this planet Earth, and I want to use each day to move toward my goals and enjoy every moment,” he says.

We’re delighted that Deepak has made New Fortress Energy’s goals his own, inspiring all of us to not waste a moment in lighting the world with positive energy.