Eduardo Dager knows the logistics of bringing positive energy to life


Meet Eduardo

For Eduardo Dager, our Senior Vice President of Logistics, the challenge of leading the global team who each year moves liquefied natural gas to serve 100+ customers making 5,000+ deliveries and driving close to 700k miles with 0 accidents and 100% customer service – comes with ease! 

Eduardo Dager

Spending his childhood and early adulthood in Colombia’s third-largest city, Cali, Eduardo was surrounded by cultural diversity, stunning scenery featuring the Andes mountains, the happy hard-working vibe of the people – and some uncertainty given Colombia’s political and social climate during that time.

“We grew up mindful of the privileges we had, the value of life, and the hard work and resilience you must have to strive against all adversities and survive,” he says. “On November 27, 1989, purely by chance, I did not board a commercial flight I had booked from Bogota to Cali – a flight that was bombed by a drug lord. Thankfully, I had taken an earlier flight.”

Thankfully, indeed. After earning his chemical engineering degree, Eduardo joined Colgate-Palmolive, and seven years later, he accepted the company’s offer to become an ex-pat moving to Mexico. He hasn’t stopped moving since then.

Eduardo Dager

“I have moved eight times in the last 20 years,” he says. “Each of my three sons was born in a different country! I am blessed to have visited 68 countries (so far!) and worked on every continent, broadening my view of the world and teaching me so many things.”

“Coming out of the hardships I experienced growing up, I’ve loved being able to know people from many different cultures. I enjoy learning from others and then having the chance to guide and help people “win”, while achieving excellent results in a sustainable way and making meaningful contributions to society.”

After seventeen years at Colgate-Palmolive and eight years in the brewing industry, Eduardo joined us 2 years ago at New Fortress Energy.

“I’m energized by our purpose of lighting and powering the world in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way, while bringing economic and social benefits to the communities in which we operate,” he says. “I have always believed in leaving things in a better state than how you found them, which is perfectly aligned to what we do as a company.”

Continuous improvement describes the approach to life that has earned Eduardo a reputation for being demanding but fair, energetic, and big-hearted.

“I have been fortunate that my career has allowed me to work in different locations and industries and with different cultures, teaching me how empathy and adaptability are key success factors in both professional and personal life,” he says. “An adaptable attitude will help you navigate the tougher situations. You can have the skills, but to fully succeed, you need the right attitude.”

We’re grateful Eduardo has brought his infectiously upbeat attitude to New Fortress Energy and is helping us power the world with just that kind of positive energy.