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Zero emissions.
Zero carbon.
All good.

We envision a world in which everyone, everywhere has access to affordable, 100% green energy.

Our mission is to transform NFE into one of the world’s leading providers of carbon-free power by replacing fossil fuels with renewable hydrogen.

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Climate change, fueled by carbon emissions, is wreaking havoc on ecosystems and communities across the globe. It’s a crisis that affects all of us, and we are committed to being a meaningful part of the solution. Today, we reduce emissions by helping our customers switch from oil-based fuels to cleaner-burning natural gas. But, that’s not enough.  Everyone, everywhere deserves access to affordable, 100% green energy. That’s why we formed Zero.

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Zero is our new division charged with helping transform our company into one of the world’s leading zero-carbon power providers by using green (also known as renewable or clean) hydrogen instead of fossil fuels.  Hydrogen, our planet’s most abundant element, can be made by using renewable energy to split water (H2O) into oxygen and hydrogen. This green hydrogen can then be used in place of fossil fuels in transportation, industrial processes and even power generation – without generating any emissions. Electrolysis isn’t a new concept, but falling renewable costs and technological advancements are making green hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuels.  With our experience in energy infrastructure, logistics and power, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

Zero’s goal is to help our company and our customers make the leap from low-carbon to no-carbon emissions.  We believe that helping today’s gas users become tomorrow’s hydrogen users will have a tremendous impact for our business, and more importantly, our planet.