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May 10, 2022
By: Staff


Energy filled story

Bolstering Europe's
energy security

The Netherlands is doubling its capacity to import liquefied natural gas (LNG), thanks to a new floating terminal that we’re excited to have supported

Netherlands regasification terminal

Until September 2022, the country had just one LNG terminal, in the southwestern port of Rotterdam. While that port is being optimized, the country is also expanding with Gasunie’s new EemsEnergyTerminal in Eemshaven. The new terminals comprises two floating storage regasification units (FSRUs) – including the Golar Igloo, part of our joint venture with Apollo (Energos).  Both FSRUs are now moored in the port, marking the first tangible step in creating the terminal for tankers to deliver LNG to be turned back into gaseous form.With gas flows expected to begin in mid-September 2022, it’s anticipated that the terminal will be fully operational by the end of the year, with a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.

“In addition to saving as much energy as possible and filling the gas storage facilities, the import of liquid gas is indispensable for the security of gas supply in the coming winter,” said Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy, the Netherlands, who was on hand for the official start of construction of the floating EemsEnergyTerminal. “The arrival of the new LNG terminal is an important step not only for the Netherlands, but for the whole of Europe towards reducing its dependence on energy from Russia as quickly as possible.”

We’re proud to have supplied the Golar Igloo and helped Gasunie establish the new floating terminal in record time, further bolstering energy security throughout the region.