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Bringing the
data center
to the power

The need for turnkey digital infrastructure is perhaps the greatest market need in the world. 

Over the last 20 years, there has been tremendous growth in co-located cloud computing. Companies have increasingly opted to move from self-managed IT & server infrastructure to outsourcing their digital needs. But the explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development has led to a very different set of needs and solutions. 

Power and infrastructure are the bottleneck of the AI race.

That's why we founded Klondike Digital Infrastructure: instead of bringing power to the data center, we're bringing the data center to the power.

By utilizing behind-the-meter, on-site power, we're addressing all of the major constraints of digital infrastructure development, providing grid stability, significant transmission capacity, power reliability, energy cost savings, and scalability.

Data centers 1.0

The history of data centers:
version 1.0

Over the past 20 years of data center development, data centers have traditionally been located on individual sites in close proximity to end users in order to minimize latency issues.  These sites have typically required connection to the local grid, creating a "power struggle" with consumers as the business has grown.

AI power needs chart

The challenge

With the rapid development of AI and accompanying explosive growth in power needs, we need a much faster, larger-scale solution than traditional data centers can provide.

With the current data center development model, AI has the potential to overstress the existing power grid and utilities, driving electricity prices for consumers much higher and compromising the stability of the grid.



To address this challenge, the world needs a new model for data center development. 

What's the solution?

Data centers 2.0

The solution:
data centers version 2.0

Data centers version 2.0: locating data centers "behind the fence" adjacent to independent power sources.



Klondike Digital Infrastructure

Our company:
Klondike Digital Infrastructure

Klondike Digital Infrastructure is a power and digital infrastructure company founded by New Fortress Energy.  We are leveraging NFE's expertise in constructing and operating power systems, building critical infrastructure, and developing commercial real estate to develop "behind the fence" data center sites around the world.




Our portfolio

We are developing a geographically diverse portfolio of data center sites that will satisfy the requirements of hyperscale users.

Brazil Klondike Site

Brazil Development

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Size: 100-acre site with ability to expand

Capacity: ~2 GW 


  • Located in São Paulo state with proximity to Latin America’s largest city
  • Connected to existing fiber network and close to undersea fiber cables for low-latency, direct international connection
Ireland Klondike Site

Ireland Development

Location: Shannon, Ireland

Size: 603-acre site with 300+ acres available for expansion

Capacity: 400 MW with 200 MW of unutilized capacity


  • Contracted gas interconnect with Gas Networks Ireland (GNI)
  • Contracted 600 MW transmission export to the national grid
  • 120 MW 1-hour backup storage facility with ultra-fast response capability
Klondike US development

United States Development

We are also developing a site in the United States which we will announce soon.




Our economic model

Because we produce our own power, we can provide certainty of power availability to our customers more quickly than other companies and earn a fully integrated profit model.

Klondike economic model



Our team

We have a highly experienced team with vast knowledge of power, infrastructure and real estate development.

Wes Edens

Wes Edens, Founder & CEO

In 2014, Wes Edens founded New Fortress Energy with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and fostering economic development through universal access to cleaner, affordable, and reliable energy. As CEO, he has led the company’s rapid growth into a fully integrated, global energy leader that is improving the lives of millions through its liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, power generation facilities, and logistics assets across the world. With initiatives focused on renewable hydrogen and clean technology, Mr. Edens’ long-term vision for the company is to become one of the world’s leading providers of carbon-free power.

Mike Compton

Mike Compton, President

Since 2017 Mike has been the Chief Investment Officer of Baobob Advisors, a family office based in New York City. The firm focuses on making direct investments and incubating companies across energy, infrastructure, sports & entertainment, and healthcare. 

Prior to joining Baobob Advisors in 2017, Mike ran the investment strategy for a single family office based in London. His career began in investment banking at an M&A advisory firm exclusively catering to the financial services industry.

Mike graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He also earned his MBA at Rollins College from the Crummer Graduate School of business.

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