Hydrogen atoms

Fueling a
carbon-free future
with clean hydrogen


Zero emissions.
Zero carbon.
All good.

We envision a world in which everyone, everywhere has access to affordable, 100% clean energy.  Protecting our environment and expanding energy access shouldn’t be conflicting goals.

Our mission is to transform NFE into one of the world’s leading providers of carbon-free power by replacing fossil fuels with affordable zero net-carbon hydrogen.

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Climate change, fueled by carbon emissions, is wreaking havoc on ecosystems and communities across the globe. It’s a crisis that affects all of us, and we are committed to being a meaningful part of the solution. Today, we reduce emissions by helping our customers switch from oil-based fuels to cleaner-burning natural gas. But, that’s not enough.  Everyone, everywhere deserves access to affordable, 100% clean energy. That’s why we formed Zero.

path to zero

Our path from low carbon
to no carbon

Zero is charged with taking us from low carbon to no carbon; its goal is to help us reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and transform our company into one of the world’s leading providers of zero-carbon power.  We believe the path to get there is by replacing fossil fuels with zero-emission hydrogen.

We’re already on our way:  right now Zero is investing in and deploying emerging hydrogen production technologies that promise to lower the cost of zero-emission hydrogen to around $1/kg, which is comparable to the cost of fossil fuels. 

why h2

How clean hydrogen leads us to a carbon-free future

Hydrogen can be integrated into much of our existing infrastructure with little to no modification required; when burned in our turbines, zero-carbon power is produced, with water vapor the only byproduct.  While methods to produce hydrogen have existed for centuries, falling renewable costs and technological advancements are making zero-emission hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuels.  With our experience in energy infrastructure, logistics and power, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.  We believe that helping today’s gas users become tomorrow’s hydrogen users will have a tremendous impact for our business, and more importantly, our planet.


long ridge

Our projects and investments

We’re taking concrete steps towards realizing our vision of a zero-carbon future.  From partnering on proof of concept projects to investing in breakthrough technologies, Zero is dedicated to accelerating the hydrogen transition.  We’re excited to share a little of what we’ve been working on!

Wes Edens

Launching Zero

Our founder, Wes Edens, has laid out an aggressive zero emission goal for New Fortress Energy.  He sat down to answer some questions about the newest division of NFE, Zero, and why he believes zero-emission hydrogen is worth pursuing. Read on to learn why we're going from low carbon to no carbon!

get to know h2

Get to know hydrogen

Hydrogen is our planet’s most abundant element, but it’s only found naturally joined with other elements into larger molecules, such as H20 (water).  Traditionally, hydrogen has been made through a process called electrolysis, which splits water into oxygen and hydrogen; when this process is powered by renewable energy, it has zero carbon emissions.  These days, there are many exciting technologies in development that produce zero-emission hydrogen.  Hydrogen can be used in place of fossil fuels in transportation, industrial processes and even power generation – without generating any emissions.