Matt Reinhard is taking care of business with the highest ethics


2021 Sustainability
Report: spotlight on legal compliance

When it comes to compliance and ethics, Matt’s philosophy is, “it’s not that hard.”

“A lot of ethics and compliance is knowing the difference between right and wrong and then having the courage and support to act accordingly,” says Matt, whose exemplary attitude and experience make him just the right fit as our Chief Compliance Officer.

NFE employees standing together

He began his career clerking on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit before spending 21 years at Miller & Chevalier in Washington, D.C., advising multi-national companies on compliance and investigation matters. He joined us in 2021.

“I realized how much I enjoyed learning about and understanding the business of my clients,” he says. “By moving in-house to NFE, I can continue to provide compliance advice and also be directly involved in supporting the business itself. It was the perfect opportunity!”

Matt handles the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of our compliance program. This includes screening customers and vendors for compliance risk, guiding us on relevant economic sanctions issues, and working closely with our finance team to ensure proper controls. He supports other legal areas and works with HR colleagues on labor law issues. He also continuously enhances our comprehensive compliance handbook.

NFE employee with his daughter

“It’s a great job because no two days are ever the same,” he says. “I’m always thinking on my feet to help our business units be successful while ensuring we maintain our reputation as a compliant and ethical organization.”

It goes beyond maintenance, though. Matt strives to drive a culture of continuous improvement when it comes to compliance.

“Compliance is a value-add, not a hindrance,” he says. “As we continue to grow and expand, our compliance risks and needs will also change. We cannot become complacent and believe our program is good enough. Rather, we need to be constantly evaluating the program, considering our current business and future opportunities, and ensuring we have addressed all relevant risks.”

With his extensive experience in the compliance arena, Matt knows it all starts at the top, and he values the commitment of NFE’s senior leadership to doing business the right way.

“When you are surrounded, as we are, by people who are honest, who are transparent in their actions, and who model ethical behavior in every transaction and interaction, these traits simply become who you are as an individual and as an organization,” he says. “NFE has outstanding senior leadership when it comes to these issues. All employees know that they are not only empowered – but also expected – to do the right thing, always.”

Matt knows that ensuring NFE does the right thing truly reverberates throughout the world.

“Through NFE, I’m helping alleviate energy poverty around the world,” he says, “ensuring a transition to a clean energy future, and helping preserve the planet for my daughter and her future.”

Being part of that process for his work, his family, and his global community powers him with positive energy every day, and we’re grateful for his dedication.