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The right energy solution for you

Our business is helping your business grow with safe, reliable energy that’s both economically and environmentally friendly. We’ll work with you to customize and implement a complete, seamless solution that will lower your energy costs, reduce your environmental footprint, and improve your energy efficiency – and we’ll help ensure you have the infrastructure, funds, and confidence to make the switch.

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Power Generation & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

When you’re ready to enjoy cleaner, more sustainable, and more affordable electricity, let us help you convert your existing power generation to natural gas, or build brand-new gas-fired facilities. 

We can customize a power-generation solution just for you. Our expertise in combined heat and power plants can help you operate with higher efficiency and lower costs.

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Boiler Conversion

Our business is helping your business improve efficiency and save money by converting your commercial and industrial facilities to operate on natural gas.

From rum production to greenhouses, whatever your business, choosing natural gas is a smart decision. We’ll not only design a custom solution to convert your commercial and industrial equipment to natural gas operations, but we’ll also provide end-to-end management and seamless implementation so you can worry less and save more.


LNG Supply & Logistics

Whether you’re a big corporation or a small business, in a crowded city or a remote town, our integrated logistics chain can supply natural gas to you – reliably, and efficiently.

Wherever your business operates, you can rely on our established, integrated logistics chain for efficient LNG delivery. Even if you’re already using gas-fired facilities or another source of energy entirely, we’ll help you switch seamlessly – with absolutely no loss of power or time during the transition – to take advantage of all the benefits of LNG.