NFE’s San Juan emergency power is supporting Puerto Rico's energy grid


Powering San Juan with positive energy

We developed a 200MW power installation in San Juan in response to FEMA’s request for emergency power to support Puerto Rico's energy grid. Our San Juan power site is located next to our existing San Juan LNG terminal, just seven miles from our Palo Seco power installation. The facility generates 200MW of power from ten 25MW mobile units while sourcing an additional 19 TBTU of essential liquefied natural gas through our San Juan LNG terminal.

San Juan Power Installation

Providing critial access to power

Puerto Rico has historically suffered from critical power shortages caused by aging infrastructure and hurricane damage. Constant damage to the island has led to an unstable power grid and frequent power outages. During the island's warmest summer months and when hurricanes are most prevelant, these power outages are not only life-threatening but harmful to Puerto Rico’s economy. Each load shedding event is estimated to cost Puerto Rico $14 million with total losses that could approximate $700 million per year given the current state of the system(1)

San Juan Power Installation

Helping our neighbors

That's why we've stepped in. 

To help stabilize the island's grid ahead of hurricane season, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) tasked the Army Corp with providing up to 700MW of emergency power. We swiftly rose to the challenge and installed 200MW of emergency power at San Juan, just feet away from our San Juan terminal. The San Juan power installation is helping stabilize Puerto Rico's grid and provide cleaner and more reliable power for the island. 

We also installed another 150MW of emergency power at Palo Seco, adjacent to our San Juan terminal and San Juan power installation site. The facility consists of dual-fuel generators that are supplied with natural gas from our San Juan terminal via trucks. 

We are proud to power Puerto Rico with positive energy and play our part in providing critical access to energy to the communities that need it most!