We’re using positive energy to keep our environment cleaner and greener

Energy Filled Story

2021 Sustainability
Report: environment
progress & goals

We’re proud to be a recognized leader in bringing highly efficient, natural gas-fired energy to difficult-to-serve locations to help reduce their reliance on inefficient, high-polluting oil-fired energy. We love helping customers and communities transition from oil to LNG for their energy needs, which dramatically reduces the environmental impact of the energy supplied.

Coast of Mexico

As detailed in our latest Sustainability Report, 2021 was a big year for bringing cleaner, more affordable energy to the places that need it most:

  • We expanded to coastal Mexico and coastal Nicaragua, where we built new LNG-fired power plants and corresponding LNG regassification facilities.
  • We gained access to floating LNG (FLNG) technology that puts LNG within the reach of communities that are not able to, or prefer not to, support, large-scale facilities.
  • We acquired world-class LNG ships and operators, including floating storage regasification units and floating storage units, that give us greater flexibility in shipping and delivering LNG.
NFE employee looking over LNG site

As we continue to expand, we’re actively monitoring operations and conducting regular assurance checks, including detailed environmental audits, internal environmental metric tracking, and compliance reporting to the environmental agencies. Our operations team includes local environmental experts familiar with site-level operations, as well as corporate environmental professionals who can provide consistent global compliance with external and internal environmental requirements. When the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the U.S. and the National Environment and Planning Agency in Jamaica required us to devise optimal outcomes for compliance issues, our team was already in place to manage our successful response.

We’re also keeping a close eye on environmental sustainability to ensure our planet stays clean and green. In 2021, we calculated our Greenhouse Gas Project Scope 1, Scope 2, and limited Scope 3 GHG emissions, and included metrics to support our evaluation of acquisitions. Since then, we have also evaluated and implemented practices to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions and improve our GHG emissions data coverage and detail.

NFE employee viewing computer screens

Next up? Increasing our direct monitoring of GHG and air quality at all our sites, further refining our data gathering and reporting, further enhancing our management of water consumption, implementing solutions to replace the use of potable municipal water in fire protection systems, and continuing our work on Zero Parks, our groundbreaking initiative to support the transition from natural gas to zero- emission hydrogen as a primary fuel.

One of the key areas of our environmental efforts is managing the inherent risk of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuel spills. From reviewing scenarios, to implementing internal programs to avoid potential spill scenarios before they occur, to establishing community emergency response initiatives, each of our sites has customized emergency preparedness and response plans and ongoing training, and we strive to continue to maintain our record of zero spills. We also are working to enhance leak detection and repair programs at applicable operating sites.

From LNG solutions, transportation and logistics, and back-up energy generation to full utility-scale energy generation, we’re working to power the world with world-class energy that’s good for the planet, too.