2021 Sustainability Report


Empowering people and the planet

At NFE, we strongly believe that expanding access to affordable, reliable energy is critical to fostering economic development and social progress across the globe. At the same time, we know that climate change is an existential crisis. The world needs to transition to clean energy – and soon.

2021 ESG Report

2021 Sustainability Report

This second Sustainability Report details our progress on our goals over the past year and new goals we are setting to respond to current energy needs. Despite challenges from the pandemic that persisted in 2021, our business defied the trends and grew significantly. We extended operations into Mexico and Brazil, further expanding the list of places we are helping to transition from dirtier fuels to low-carbon natural gas. We added to our marine portfolio, acquiring floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), floating storage units (FSUs), and LNG carriers, all of which will be instrumental in the development of future LNG terminals as well as the transportation of LNG across our system. 

In 2021, we also gained access to modular liquefaction equipment and offshore platforms, which will allow us to deploy our proprietary FLNG solution – a portable, offshore liquefaction facility – in a fraction of the time of onshore liquefaction infrastructure. We view this technology as a game-changer for our business – not only will it help us to provide even more low-carbon LNG to customers at a time when the world is very short affordable energy, but it can also allow access to stranded gas or gas that is normally flared, which is a big win for the environment.

2021 ESG Video

Throughout 2021 we made progress on our long-term goal of lowering emissions and investing in alternative energy technologies. In Brazil, we began work on developing the first small-scale landfill biomethane LNG (bio-LNG) plant in Brazil. This new plant will help meet rising energy demands with a new, lower-emission and renewable fuel source.

Our hydrogen division, Zero, continued developing a scalable solution for green hydrogen. We launched our new concept, which involves co-locating new green hydrogen production facilities with significant existing industrial demand, to bring this clean source of hydrogen directly to existing end-users.

In addition to our environmental focus in 2021, we remained committed to being good citizens by operating responsibly and safely and investing in the communities where we operate.