These women are building
a brighter future


Women's History

This Women’s History Month, we’re introducing you to three women who are powering our world with their abundantly positive energy. From conservation to administration to communication, they’re an inspiration to women of all generations, and we’re proud to have them on our team.

Katie Losey

Meet Katie

“Don’t let someone else run the show of your life.” – Katie Losey, Director, Fragile Earth, New York City, USA

Katie Losey is on a mission to reverse climate change. As Director of Fragile Earth for the past four years, she has championed the belief that energy breakthroughs are conservation breakthroughs.

“This means driving transformative tech, protecting what’s left of wild places and rewilding others, and communicating in a way that turns the climate crisis from a topic of exhaustion, apathy, and doom to hope, innovation, compassion, action, and progress,” she says. “We’ve got to engage hearts and not just heads to kill apathy and propel meaningful change.”

Her laser-focused drive has been inspired by many women, starting with her mom.

“She encourages me to chase what lights me up and never shields me from challenging moments that provide hard-earned wisdom – rare gifts that not many get,” says Katie, who also admires inventor-architect-scientist-designer Neri Oxman and Janine Benyus, known as “the godmother of biomimicry”, a field that turns to nature as a role model for innovative solutions to modern challenges.

Katie has spent her career immersed in nature, from leading marketing and partnerships and founding the conservation arm of an award-winning experiential travel company, to being a member of the Explorers Club, where she has collected gorilla dung to support scientific studies, helped map new reefs in Cuba, and been invited to help launch a historic scientific expedition in Yellowstone National Park in honor of its 150th anniversary. She also wrote “What we fear most may help keep us alive” and “The future of innovation is here” for the Biomimicry Institute, bridging science, innovation, and wildlife.

This year, for Women’s History Month, Katie’s carving out extra time for the words of celebrated women, including reading The Lost Pianos of Siberia by Sophy Roberts and Classical Poems by Arab Women; catching Tara Westover’s Educated book tour; relistening to Armchair Expert with (behavioral scientist) Dr. Maya Shankar, Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED Talk on grit, and Margaret Heffernan’s talk on teamwork, attending the female-led NY WILD Film Festival, and planning an overseas adventure with her niece, Atlee.

“Women’s History Month means paying extra attention to women’s stories,” Katie notes. “This will give women—young, old, doesn’t matter—new possibilities around what their lives could look like versus trying to fit into a path never meant for them.”

She strongly believes companies can – and should – do more to improve gender diversity. 

“It’s just, and it’s good business to have more holistic, diversity of thought,” she explains. “According to Drawdown (the climate bible!) and the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, one of the most effective ways to reverse climate change is by empowering and educating women, because that is correlated with life-shaping decisions that have significant connections to population, consumption, and responses to climate breakdown. Young, educated women are more likely to believe in themselves and pursue their aspirations.”

That’s certainly the advice she would give young girls.

“What intrinsically moves you?” she challenges. “Don’t let someone else run the show of your life. Embody your purpose. Be the active force and decision-maker in your life. And remember that thoughtfulness counts. As you come across podcasts, articles, books, lectures, or conversations that inspire you, consider sending a personal note to the human behind them. This will help you find your voice and build your community, and whoever is on the other end will appreciate your thoughtfulness and courage to acknowledge their work.”

Kathy Chang

Meet Katherine

“You are special, you are important, and you are valued!” – Katherine Chang, Executive Assistant, Miami, Florida, USA

Since joining New Fortress Energy in 2019 as a Receptionist at our Miami, Florida, office, Katherine Chang has advanced to Executive Assistant supporting business development.

She is making invaluable contributions to our mission to power the world with positive energy.

“I always work toward adopting my most positive mindset,” she says. “The mind is a powerful entity that controls everything within our inner being. Thinking positively through all situations gives us a sense of calm, peace of mind, happiness, productivity, and a full feeling of self-worth.”

In turn, she is energized by the contributions of women who have come before her and blazed trails.

“Women’s History Month represents the accomplishments of women throughout the years, and a celebration of their contributions to history, culture, science, politics, and society,” she says. “It’s a chance to reflect on the women who lead the way for change. This month I celebrate by picking up books on historical women and supporting women-owned and women-run businesses and shops.”

Her mother has also been a source of inspiration.

“She inspires me to be more ambitious and aim higher, demonstrating daily the mindset and behavior of how to rise above,” Katherine says. “She truly represents and expands everything that is possible and achievable.”

She in turn endeavors to shine a similar light for the next generation of women. 

“I would encourage young girls to always remember that you are special, you are important, and you are valued!” she says. “And for young businesswomen in particular, I’d remind them to have confidence, be accountable, and strive to be inspirational and optimistic. You possess the qualities that allow you to show up and be your best self every day.”

Maria Vianna

Meet Maria

“Believe in yourself, and stop trying to be perfect.”  – Maria Vianna, Director, Communications and Public Relations, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Before moving to the corporate world, Maria worked as a health and science journalist for Brazil’s largest news organization and had a brief stint as a celebrity reporter. Today, she’s helping lead our public relations, marketing, and philanthropy initiatives in Brazil.

“I love my job!,” she exclaims. “I get to meet interesting people and work on projects that have great social impact.”

She also volunteers as a mentor for others who are looking for their first job.

“I learn so much from them and feel so happy when they conquer something new,” she says. “I also spend time with my family, meditate, practice yoga, and swim. Being active reminds me I’m strong and healthy, and it clears my mind.”

Aiming to live a satisfying life is a lesson Maria learned from her great-grandmother, who passed away at 99.

“She was one of the first women in her generation to live independently and build a successful business,” she says. “She taught me the importance of saving money and living a life that makes me happy.”

It’s a lesson particularly relevant during Women’s History Month.

“Women’s History Month is a moment to reflect that the rights we have as women today are not a given and didn’t always exist,” Maria says. “The women who came before us had to fight for them, and there’s still a long way to go. I celebrate this month by talking about their stories with my two young daughters. I want them to know that women can achieve great things and make a difference in the world.”

That perspective colors the encouragement she would give all young women.

“Believe in yourself, and stop trying to be perfect,” she advises. “Instead of trying to please everyone, focus on doing the things you love. Trust your instincts, ignore the critics, and remember you don’t have to be 100% ready to try something new. Find a mentor, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and become friends with people who want to see you succeed.”