These dads are energizing
our future leaders


Father’s Day

Fathers help enable, enlighten, and inspire us to be our best, every day. We’re proud that our New Fortress Energy team includes so many fathers – and father figures – who go further to empower both their personal and professional families. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to three dads who are helping lead our energy business while energizing the next generation of leaders.


Meet Juan

“Their endless love keeps me going and going” – Juan Carlos Escalante Ayestas, Terminal Manager, Nicaragua

After 25 years of professional experience in the electrical and oil industries, Juan Escalante recently joined New Fortress Energy to oversee operations, maintenance, repair, personnel, and safety for the liquefied natural gas facility in Nicaragua. He ensures operational integrity and reliability to fulfill commercial requirements.

Integrity and reliability are also some of the values he strives to teach his four children.  

“I have seen colleagues of all sorts, from different backgrounds and education,” he says. “They remind me to teach my children to be honest, to act with integrity, and to always show respect. Each and every one of my colleagues has also taught me how to foster confidence in leading people, how to communicate effectively under ‘rough’ situations, and how to integrate unique mindsets. This process is no different from educating my children. They all are distinctive.”

Juan has also been fortunate to have, not one, but two influential father figures help shape his life.

“My dad taught me the importance of discipline, integrity, and responsibility,” he says. “My maternal grandpa, may he rest in peace, helped me believe in me. He showed me that the sky was the limit. He had a vision with me, and I think I have not betrayed this memory.”

Now that he’s a dad, Juan sees Father’s Day as an opportunity to nurture the love he receives from his family.

“Their endless love keeps me going and going,” he says. “Father’s Day represents the occasion to tell our fathers how essential they are and to recognize their daily efforts in our upbringing, education, and sustainability.”

It’s also an occasion to celebrate – which, for Juan and his family, means a “delightful” midafternoon lunch/dinner at their favorite restaurant in their hometown of Leon, Nicaragua.


Meet Jesus

“Do it the right way, and do it with passion” – Jesus Urias, Assistant Terminal Manager, La Paz, Mexico

A 20-year energy industry veteran, Jesus Urias is now actively supporting New Fortress Energy’s first-ever project in Mexico. Striving to be a leader is something he works to instill in his children as well.

“My father always told me, ‘Do it the right way’,” Jesus says. “Now I tell my children, ‘Do it the right way,’ and ‘Do it with passion, and whatever you do, give it all your effort to be #1.”

For Jesus, Father’s Day is a significant reminder to set aside special time with family, and to set the right example to guide his children.

“I usually spend the day with my children and wife, starting with breakfast in bed, followed by a walk and dinner,” he says. “Father’s Day helps to recognize the efforts of parents and remind children to express love toward their father.”


Meet John

“Father’s Day has always been a day to recognize how blessed I am to be a father” – John Fontenot, Director of Operations, Vessels

Raising children is hard work, but the outcome is always rewarding – and no one knows that better than John Fontenot, proud dad to sons age 18, 16, and 5.

“All three offer different challenges and great rewards,” he says. “Being a father isn’t a job, but a great journey.”

While Father’s Day is traditionally a day to celebrate dads, John takes a different, humbler view.

“Father’s Day has always been a day to recognize how blessed I am to be a father, and that being a father is one of the greatest gifts,” he says. “Being able to raise and shape and teach my children about the ins and outs of life and the difference between good and bad is irreplaceable. Watching them grow – and knowing that I had something to do with that – is amazing. Whether it’s teaching them to ride a bike, or showing them how to hold a baseball bat, or emphasizing the importance of being polite and using manners, it really is a miracle.”

This year, John and his family will celebrate the day by going to church and then having lunch together wherever he chooses. “That doesn’t happen often,” he says with a wry laugh.

John credits his father for teaching him how to be a man and a dad.

“It wasn’t until my father passed away in 2014 that I realized that I became the man I am today because of how he raised me and what he showed me growing up, even as an adult,” John recalls. “I always knew I had a great and wonderful dad, but when he was gone, I quickly realized just how fortunate I was to have him as my dad.”

Now that he’s a dad, John strives to raise his own boys to shape them into strong men with strong values.

“My advice to my children revolves around a few key areas,” he says. “Treat people with respect and kindness, even when it is tough to do so. Smile when you greet people – you could make a positive change without even knowing it. Never say you can’t do something, because if you set your mind to it, you can do anything. Always be ready to offer a helping hand – the term ‘that’s not my job’ should not be in your vocabulary. And enjoy your childhood, and don’t rush through it by wishing school were over or the weekend would hurry up and get here. Each day is precious and should be cherished. Childhood ends faster than you think.”

But learning never ends. After 31 years of maritime experience – ranging from entry-level deckhand to bridge officer to offshore administrative roles with companies including New Fortress Energy, which he joined in September 2020 – John is still picking up new approaches to grow and improve at work and at home.

“Teamwork is the biggest influence I get from my coworkers,” he says. “Everyone here at New Fortress Energy works together without animosity or tension. This same environment can be applied at home. Having three boys is not always easy! Helping the whole family better coexist together is always a great accomplishment.”