Innovative engineer Zoran Watkis is helping NFE make history in Jamaica


Meet Zoran

Though he just earned his mechanical engineering degree, with first-class honors, from the University of Technology a little over a year ago, Zoran Watkis is already making a significant impact on his country – and the world – as a Project Engineer and Operator at the New Fortress Energy (NFE) liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Montego Bay.


“The decision to work at New Fortress Energy was an easy one,” Zoran says. “NFE introduced liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to Jamaica in 2016, which created Jamaica's LNG sector. I was curious and wanted to learn more, and, most important, to be part of the historic transformation. I'm super excited about being a part of something new that is making a big, positive impact on Jamaica. I'm not only able to develop my skills in this area, but I'm also able to contribute to the growth of NFE and be part of history.”

Zoran takes special pride in helping foster his country’s sustainable economic development through diversifying its energy supply and supporting its communities.

“New Fortress Energy has already contributed greatly to this by delivering Jamaica's first source of LNG,” he says. “And perhaps what’s most impressive about NFE is its commitment to be a socially responsible company, which I see as a spin-off benefit. I'm happy to be part of a company that continues to improve the lives of everyday Jamaicans by investing in communities — whether through scholarships, skills training, job opportunities, and a number of other ways.”


Thanks to the solid guidance and mentorship of his brother, also a qualified engineer, Zoran doesn’t worry about the potential pitfalls of blazing new trails.

“My brother told me, ‘Don't be afraid to make mistakes,’” he recalls. “Our natural fear of failure can be paralyzing and stifle our creativity. But there will always be a need for invention and innovation, and failing to act is often the biggest failure of all. Being innovative demands that we are continuously prepared to try something new. Instead of looking at our mistakes as failures, we should use them as valuable lessons to make our next move better. The feeling I get from overcoming challenges is indescribable and pushes me to move on confidently.”

That’s just the kind of passion that we need as we continue to diversify the energy supply, promote community development, and spark a brighter future in Jamaica and beyond.