Powering our neighbors in Mexico
with positive energy

La Paz

We're powering Mexico with positive energy

The narrow peninsula comprising the Mexican state of Baja California Sur features breathtaking coastlines, cactus-filled deserts – and, since July 2021, New Fortress Energy’s newest liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

The newly operational La Paz facility, nestled in the eastern port of Pichilingue, will supply natural gas to the CTG La Paz and CTG Baja California Sur power plants and other local customers in Baja California Sur. Using NFE’s proprietary ISOFlex system, we can transload LNG from our larger NFE carrier vessel directly into ISO storage containers on our offshore support vessel. Back at the terminal, the ISO containers are offloaded from the support vessel onto a truck chassis using a port crane, then trucked to customer sites.

“The delivery of more affordable and cleaner-burning natural gas is a significant milestone for Baja California Sur,” said Wes Edens, Chairman and CEO of NFE.

NFE Power Plant

Additionally, our 135 MW power plant in Baja California Sur will supply power to the local grid and is expected to begin operations later this quarter.

By switching from oil-based fuels to liquefied natural gas (LNG), our customers will be able to significantly reduce emissions, lower costs, and increase energy efficiencies. Our terminal and power plant will create jobs, train people for a new, specialized workforce, develop the economy, and improve environmental management.

We’re excited to make Baja California Sur the first stop in our journey to bring positive energy to Mexico!

  • La Paz
  • La Paz