Baskets of joy at holiday picnics in Brazil


Sharing blessings in Brazil

This holiday season, we were grateful to be able to share blessings with more than 300 Brazilian children, presenting them with toys and new clothes at our New Fortress Energy picnics on December 21 and 23 near our construction site in Barcarena, Pará.

Brazil Holiday Event

The children, who ranged in age from infancy to pre-teen, live in Quilombo Sitio Cupuaçu and Quilombo São Sebastião de Burajuba. These traditional communities were formed by slave descendants and indigenous families, and are now legally protected for their significant role in preserving the country’s cultural heritage.

Brazil Holiday Event

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing such joy to our children,” said Maria Lucilene Santos Pinheiro, president of Quilombo Sítio Cupuaçu. “I’m so happy! God bless you.”

As we build facilities to bring clean, affordable energy to the people of Brazil, we’re grateful to be able to also build relationships that brighten their days – and ours.