Belyneth Deliz López creates
an environment of
positive energy every day


Meet Belyneth

As a true nature lover, Belyneth Deliz always knew that she wanted to work with the environment.

“Supporting health and well-being and keeping workers safe so they can return home to their loved ones is highly rewarding,” says Belyneth, who joined us as Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, and Quality Supervisor in 2023. “You can make a positive difference, and even save lives. And there are new challenges every day – it’s never dull.”

NFE employee

Working at our San Juan Terminal, Belyneth also supports our power generation operations, implementing and overseeing our safety procedures and programs to prevent accidents and ensure our compliance with environmental regulations and industry best practices. She thrives on learning about liquefied natural gas and helping meet the growing energy demands of her homeland of Puerto Rico and the broader world. She also appreciates the mentorship and growth she has found here at NFE.

“I’m motivated by the opportunity to learn new things and overcome new challenges,” she says. “It gives me a sense of accomplishment to look back and say, ‘I achieved that.’”

One of Belyneth’s proudest achievements occurred during her previous work with an environmental resources management firm. Fully based in Puerto Rico, she integrated newly acquired Northern European companies into the organization’s health and safety programs. Her dedication to learning about the new employees, local regulations and cultures, as well as her success at gaining leadership support, helped forge constructive relationships and engagement with the company’s environmental, health, and safety approach.

Belyneth is eager to travel, and she has set her sights on Peru’s Rainbow Mountain and the Northern Lights in Norway.

She credits her “disciplined and hard-working” parents for influencing her development into a dedicated, honest, and confident adult who strives to practice gratitude and focus on the good things, no matter how small they are.

“Creating positive energy is all about your state of mind,” she says. “Shift your mindset. When you think happy, positive thoughts, you will attract events or circumstances on that same frequency.”