Fast LNG 1’s Pioneer I arrives
in Altamira, Mexico

Energy filled story

We’re making waves with
Fast LNG

At New Fortress Energy, we’re proud to be pioneering Fast LNG, our proprietary solution which combines existing floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology with a modular, offshore approach. It’s an innovation solution that allows for the efficient liquefaction of natural gas, bringing it worldwide faster, cheaper, and cleaner than ever.

Fast LNG Unit

Last week, Pioneer I, the gas treatment rig for our Fast LNG 1 unit, set sail from Ingleside, Texas to Altamira, Mexico. Pioneer I will treat feed gas for liquefaction, an important step in the LNG process. Pioneer II is expected to meet Pioneer I and III in the coming days, allowing us to complete the installation of our Fast LNG 1 unit in Altamira.

Fast LNG 1 is a huge milestone in our mission to expand natural gas supply around the world. We’re excited to be providing cleaner, more affordable energy!

  • Fast LNG Unit
  • Fast LNG Unit