For Jaifa Mezher, adventure doesn’t await – she seeks it out every day


Meet Jaifa

Jaifa Mezher’s childhood in Colombia fostered a love of diversity – of people, of places, of beliefs, and of activities. It’s that fascination with discovering new experiences that serves her well in her role as Analyst on our Business Development team at New Fortress Energy, where she is always looking for opportunities to sell liquefied natural gas to new customers around the world.

Jaifa Mezher

“I wanted to travel, and see how the other people in the world outside of my country lived”

Jaifa is familiar with taking such a global view. She grew up in Barranquilla, known as Colombia’s most diverse city.

“A lot of immigrants made it their home a long time ago,” she explains. “Because of this, I grew up influenced by different cultures, religions, foods, and festivities, and it was fun to be part of this. It made me tolerant and respectful of other people’s beliefs, and it also made me curious about the world.”

Jaifa also comes from a family of immigrants, and they are her biggest inspiration.

“My dad and my grandparents are from Lebanon,” she says. “My parents are still my biggest influences. My dad always pushes me to try different things and not give up. My mom pushes me to try these things with the best possible attitude, always happy.”

Trying new things is what led her to come to the U.S., where she earned her master’s degree in Global Affairs, Energy, and Environmental Policy from New York University, and where she joined us at NFE a year ago.

“I wanted to travel and see how the other people in the world outside of my country lived,” she said.

Jaifa Mezher

“I get to learn from the pool of experts that are part of NFE”

Today, Jaifa still has her eye on global activities. Her role at NFE has her researching new markets and opportunities. She shares our company mission and operations with customers around the world and helps them understand how they can use NFE's resources to make their businesses cleaner and greener.

“I get to learn from the pool of experts  that are part of NFE on our marine team, our regasification team, our logistics team, our procurement team, and off course, on my own team,” she says. “It’s my favorite thing about NFE.”

The combination of relying on her familiar circle and exploring new experiences powers Jaifa with positive energy and keeps her the happy, disciplined, and outgoing person those around her know and appreciate.

“My family, my friends, and my team here at NFE inspire me,” she says. “Every new achievement motivates me. Excellence motivates me. Being a good representative of my country and of my city motivates me. Trying new things as well. Being a woman in the energy sector motivates me because I know there aren’t so many.”

Although the pandemic has limited her travels, Jaifa looks forward to going back on the road – and in the water.

“When I was still living in Colombia, I was learning to kite surf,” she says. “This is something that I have on my bucket list and that I want to continue practicing as soon as the world opens up.”

We’re grateful to have Jaifa’s positively global outlook helping power our company with positive energy!