Positively energized by all the reasons to be thankful this holiday season


Counting our blessings – and making our blessings count

What are you most thankful for this holiday season? Here at New Fortress Energy, we’re entering the 2021 holiday season with hearts full of thanks for all the good things in our lives. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S., we’re grateful for health and hugs, pizzas and pies, career growth and community giving, friends and family – from parents to pets! – and the opportunity to help fill the world with positive energy.

Some of our liquefied natural gas (LNG) team members shared their appreciation here, and we’re all joining together to wish you the abundant joy of all that’s dear to you – this Thanksgiving, and every day throughout the year.

Brazil team


“This year, I am thankful for being able to enjoy experiences with my family and friends – especially experiences that were taken for granted before the pandemic. I am thankful for traveling, for live concerts, for indoor dining, for birthday parties, and for so much more!” – Simone Azcarate, Miami

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel to Brazil and bring the NFE story to a new country! I’m also thankful for the commitment and drive of the commercial team at NFE to get things done quickly and correctly.” – Andrew Dete, New York City

“This holiday season, I am thankful that my family has remained safe from COVID-19 and that no storm has touched my home island of Puerto Rico. I wish everyone at NFE a wonderful holiday season.” – Manuel Ayala-Quinones, Puerto Rico

“I am thankful for being surrounded by genuine people who strive to do good every day and change people’s lives to be better.” – Sam Abdalla, Miami

“This year I’m thankful for being able to hug my family and friends again. The pandemic brought me closer to friends that I haven’t seen in years. I feel grateful I was able to reunite with them in 2021.” – Melissa Torres, New York City

“I am thankful every day that I have the ability to wake up and think about how I can help others around the globe with NFE. I am grateful to work with the world-class individuals in the company! I tend to always be grateful for the phenomenal rearing my brother and I have had and continue to have from our mother and father, too!” – Silas Fortuin, Miami

“I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my family in a safe and beautiful place, with health, strength, and the capability to enjoy all the amazing things that life has to offer.” – Anthony Auguste, Miami LNG

“I am grateful that as a company we are here. We are well and blessed that we can look forward, not only to the holidays, but also to the future! Also thankful to be able to spend more time with my family and friends in the upcoming season.” – Kristina Williams, New York City

Mae & Maxx

"Great team"

“I think being thankful is important. Showing gratitude for all the wonderful blessings we have just brings us more wonderful blessings. Although we might not stop and think about this every day, we all have something to be thankful for. I give thanks and appreciation for how fortunate I am to have a family who supports and loves me. I’m thankful for my two dogs who bring me joy every day, for my health, and for our beautiful planet we have the pleasure of calling home.” – Daniel Felix, Miami

“I’m thankful for my family, friends, and of course, my dogs. Also, for the opportunity to be a part of NFE and my incredibly talented team!” – Melissa Ostrander, New York City

“I am thankful since I have the blessing of having a happy and healthy family, especially in this hard time. Also, happy to have a great team environment and very thankful for all the opportunities taken and the great support of our team. I am always thankful every single day of my life, and for all the blessings received.” – Carlos Faris Ambert, Puerto Rico

“Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, as it’s the beginning of the holy season. There is so much to be thankful for this year, given all that is happening around us; however, I’m most thankful for being able to just breathe and continue to build meaningful memories with my family and very close friends. I’m also humbled and thankful that I get to be part of a company that has a heart of giving back to the most vulnerable, even during a global pandemic. Seeing the beautiful smiles and feeling of hope on the faces of the children and elderlies when they get a care package, or seeing a smart underserved student jump for joy after being awarded a scholarship to pay tuition, is simply priceless and heartwarming.” – Verona Carter, Miami

“I'm grateful for my dog, Tucker, my friends, my family, and my health.” – Lauren Dalessio, New York City

“I’m grateful to live in NYC, a city that feels like home after eight years. For friends that have become family. For long runs on the West Side highway and Emmet’s pizza on Sunday. And for the health of my family in New Orleans.” – Lily Miller, New York City

“I am thankful for my family and friends because we are always there for each other. I am also thankful to have good health.” – Vanessa Elguera, Miami

“I am thankful this year especially for my family and that we are all healthy and strong and surviving through this pandemic with love, kindness, and patience. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Being with all my family and enjoying a delicious meal and football together are the simple pleasures we enjoy most. Enjoying fun activities like pumpkin picking, apple picking, and Halloween always brings such joy to my heart, especially now with two young kids of our own. I especially am thankful to be working at NFE and making such amazing progress with making the world a healthier place.” – Elyssa Berkin, New York City

Miami team


“This holiday season I am thankful for another year of great moments life has given. I’m also thankful for having the opportunity to feel and appreciate the love from my family and friends.” – Jean Caban, Puerto Rico

“I am thankful for my health; without my health, I wouldn’t have the ability to be productive each day. I am very thankful for my family; without that foundation, I wouldn’t have the support I needed to get through the past two years. I am thankful for everything I own because many people are not fortunate to have that right now.” – Kitanya Raymond, New York City

“In the season of thanks and gratitude, it’s important to take the time to reflect on things you might regularly take for granted. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, our health, and our support. Following the pandemic, God willing, I will finally reunite with my family for the holidays. Continuous good health and strength have led us into this coming holiday season, allowing us to celebrate another year together. And lastly, the great NFE support – I am grateful for this company, and the opportunity to be a part of this great team.” – Kathy Chang, Miami

“In a year when many are still suffering from a loss of taste or smell, I am thankful for fully functioning senses that allow for a much richer and more joyful experience of the holidays. I am thankful that I can still smell the nostalgia-inducing scents of pumpkin, pine, and cinnamon, that I can still taste the mouth-watering flavor of my dad’s smoked turkey, that I can still see the sparkle of lights adorning the trees and the smiles of friends, that I can still hear Bing Crosby’s rich vibrato filling my apartment, and that I can still feel the warmth of a hug from a loved one.” – Caitlin Garcia, New York City

“I am thankful that my friends and family are safe and healthy. I’m also thankful that NYC is back, and I can eat my favorite food again!” – Noah Kauppila, New York City

“I am grateful for all the things that God has given us, like life. Thanks for the great family I have.” – Alejandro Vazquez, Puerto Rico

“I’m grateful that my friends and family are all vaccinated so I will get to spend time with them this holiday season.” – Brian Hnat, New York City

“I am thankful for many blessings I have been graced with, but it all starts with my parents. Without speaking a word of English, my parents took the risk to venture into this unknown country in search of freedom and a better life. That selfless act bestowed upon me the joy of being able to live the American Dream. Secondly, I am grateful for the unconditional love I receive from my daughter. Lastly, for the opportunities granted to me, that have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. Blessings are daily affirmations of the joy we experience when our hard work comes to life and fills our heart.” – Tere Trujillo, Miami