Powerful dads expertly balance
work, family, and legacy


Father’s Day

From imparting timeless wisdom to cherishing moments spent together, fathers and father figures embody the essence of strength, resilience, and love. Here at New Fortress Energy (NFE), fathers share their unique perspectives, not just as leaders in their fields, but also as dedicated dads striving to leave a lasting impact on their families and society. We’re honored to share the stories of four of our NFE dads – the lessons they've learned, the values they uphold, and the impact they aim to leave behind.

NFE employee and family

Meet Kristian

“Be good to mom, be gentle with the dog, and don’t put that in your mouth.” - Kristian Petric, Manager, Commercial Operations, New York, USA

After spending nearly a decade in accounting, Kristian Petric added to his expertise by taking on a broad variety of roles in several departments at New Fortress Energy. What he has learned about our business is now helping him balance maximizing our assets with reducing our costs.

His experiences here have also taught him about balancing professional responsibilities with fatherhood.

“I have had several years to learn from veteran fathers at NFE,” says Kristian, who became a dad 10 months ago when his son, Niko, was born. “They showed me that, even in a highly demanding environment, there are still ways to make it to the baseball game or take advantage of our generous PTO policy.”

He appreciates Father’s Day because of the opportunity it offers to recognize fathers, grandfathers, and father figures for their contributions to family and society.

“My grandfather, a Croatian immigrant, and my father instilled in me from a very young age the importance of a good education, discipline, and hard work,” he says. “I hope to be able to do the same for my son. Not every task will be attractive or exciting, but I want him to know that when you’re asked to do something, no matter how insignificant it might seem, it’s important to do it right.”

Of course, that’s a big ask for a little guy who’s not even a year old yet, so for now, Kristian keeps his fatherly advice somewhat simpler.

“I tell him to be good to mom,” he says, “be gentle with the dog, and don’t put that in your mouth.”

Although Kristian believes that most dads, himself included, don’t want a day to be all about them, he is looking forward to his first Father’s Day, whatever it brings.

“Hopefully it will be spent relaxing by the pool or on the beach with my family,” he says. “And hopefully my wife, who’s likely going to be planning the day, reads this!”

NFE employee and family

Meet Brian

“Treat people with respect, and always be kind.” – Brian Travalja, Facilities Director, New York

Brian Travalja has spent the past six years opening our offices throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. As a result, he has met quite a lot of colleagues – and made quite a lot of friends at work.

“NFE is an amazing company to work for, and some of my closest relationships have developed with my coworkers,” he says. “I love seeing coworkers showing pictures of their kids and the smiles on their faces. I like having people around with kids of similar ages and hearing how they’re making plans for the weekend to help unwind from the work week.”

Father’s Day has taken on a new meaning for Brian since his daughter, Charlotte, made him a first-time dad in January 2023.

“Charlotte has changed my perspective on life, and my wife and I are already teaching her life lessons,” he says. “We want her to know that you have to treat people with respect, and always be kind. Life is too short, and no one wants to surround themselves with negative people. Even if someone gets on your nerves, you should always be the bigger person.”

These are the same kinds of ideals Brian learned from his own dad.

“I’m fortunate to have a caring father who taught me family values,” he says. “He was strict but always there for my siblings and me. He made me the man that I am today. I call or text him every day to check in and let him know how much he means to me.”

Brian is grateful to spend Father’s Day with his wife and daughter.

“We look back on family memories throughout the year and laugh at the good times,” he says. “I am not sure yet how I will be celebrating this year – perhaps a round of golf with my family!

NFE employee and family

Meet Ansel

“True wealth is found in learning, and in recognizing and contributing to environments that reflect good and lasting values.” – Ansel Berber-Thayer, Senior Manager, Marine Technical, Houston, Texas

Since earning his degree in ocean engineering, Ansel Berber-Thayer has worked as a naval architect and installation engineer supporting offshore construction and engineering. He credits his drive to tackle such complex, challenging roles to his family.

“My father didn’t grow up with many resources or opportunities, but he was a remarkably hard worker – physically and creatively – and even when faced with significant social and financial pressures, he held strong to his sense of values and skills,” Ansel recalls. “He, my mom, and my sister taught me to value honest quality work. They also taught me that true wealth is found in learning, and in recognizing and contributing to environments that reflect good and lasting values.”

Until recently, Ansel viewed Father’s Day solely as an opportunity to recognize his dad, reflect on his influence, and express gratitude. However, after his son’s arrival made him a dad last year, he expanded his perspective on the holiday as a time to pause and appreciate the opportunity to be a father.

Since he joined us at NFE in 2022, Ansel has also appreciated the relationships he has built and the lessons he has absorbed.

“I’ve learned the best way to get things done with a team is to build a sense of purpose along with humility and camaraderie,” he says. “We have to value collaboration, work ethic, problem-solving, and the importance of having the right skills for the task at hand.”

His colleagues have also given him some insights on his newest role of fatherhood.

“They’ve highlighted challenges and concerns,” he says, “and encouraged me to make the most of opportunities with my son while he’s growing up.”

As he looks ahead, Ansel is also gathering wisdom to pass on to his growing child.

“He’s too little yet to hear me right now,” he says. “But when he can listen, I will tell him to remember that, in addition to his mom and me, he should always be his own best friend and surround himself with a core group of people who share this approach. I’ll advise him to ask questions and follow through on ideas – test them and use them to help build understanding and confidence.”

For now, he’s content to bask in the happiness of a Father’s Day with beloved relatives.

“It’s important for us to recognize the importance of fathers and mothers, and to cherish the responsibility and roles that they play in our families and communities,” he says. “In our family, we’ll spend the day with my parents, my sister and her family including my two little nieces, and my in-laws. We’ll cook, tell stories, and most likely be entertained by the youngest members of the family.”

NFE employee and family

Meet Dan

“It’s the time spent together that’s important.” – Dan Callens, Managing Director, FLNG Operations, Houston, Texas

Since joining NFE in 2022, Dan Callens has applied his extensive LNG expertise to overseeing the development of our Fast LNG project and the daily operations of the facilities.

He and his wife, Anna Fontenot, have been married for 37 years and have two children, Christopher and Danielle. He enjoys the camaraderie he has found with other fathers at NFE.

I’ve established great friendships with coworkers,” he says. “We often share trials and tribulations, successes and failures, and serve as a sounding board for each other for ideas to be better fathers.”

Dan welcomes Father’s Day as a special time for looking back, looking forward, and looking at how he is doing as a dad.

“I reflect on whether I’m making myself available for my kids, and whether I’m actively involved in their lives to provide guidance, advice, love, and support,” he explains. “We may not always agree, but they know we can always talk, and I will always be honest. Sometimes that means lending an ear or calling to check in, sometimes it’s tough love, or sometimes it’s simply being together.”

His kids enjoy sharing adventures with their dad, and often ask him to spend Father’s Day fishing and crabbing with them.

“For me, every day is Father’s Day, but my kids look forward to the actual holiday,” he says. “We get up early to get live fishing bait and raw chicken for the crabs. We pack lunch, fishing poles, and crab nets, and head out for the day. I spend most of my time untangling fishing lines, but it’s the time spent together that’s important.”

Dan’s own father was raised on a farm that his grandfather owned, and he appreciates the lessons his dad taught him about the importance of hard work and dedication. Although he and his kids show more affection than he experienced growing up, he has still emphasized the same kinds of values and ethics he learned.

“I tell them you only have one time to make a first impression, so make it count,” Dan says. “Don’t post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want your parents to see. You have to teach people how to treat you. Do the best job you can, and opportunities will usually come your way, but sometimes you need to be your own advocate and speak up for what you’ve accomplished.”