Engineering success for students
at the Robotics Lab in Puerto Rico


Supporting the
next generation
of innovators

“I like robotics because it helps me clear my mind and forces me to think more and be more creative.”

This praise, from 14-year-old Leilanie, sums up the satisfaction she and 50 other students have found at the twice-a-week, interactive, afterschool Robotics Lab, piloted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico in partnership with our New Fortress Energy Foundation.

PR Robotics Lab

The lab’s trained instructors are engaging students in fun science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning experiences to foster their interest and confidence in science and related fields that are so important to our global economy and our everyday lives. STEM disciplines teach students not only how to understand complex challenges, but also how to solve them in innovative ways. Throughout the world, women and minorities tend to be underrepresented in the ever-expanding STEM fields, and programs such as our Robotics Lab are key to closing that gap.

“The participants have shown progress in their learning and an interest in discovering more, because they enjoy what they are doing,” says Griselle Berrios, Robotics Lab Instructor. “By exposing themselves to technology, they have acquired greater mastery of what the computer is and its relation to robotics, applied to a real-world full of challenges to be solved. Awareness has been raised about the development of smart cities and climate change that the world faces, all through fun teaching methods.”

PR Robotics Lab

According to the U.S. Department of Education, in 2016, less than one-half of eighth grade public school students in Puerto Rico were considered proficient in science – so it’s especially gratifying that today, through our Robotics Lab, emerging technologies are now enticing these emerging scientists.

“Robotics helps me develop my knowledge and creativity,” says Yaheliz, a 16-year-old participant. “It also clears my mind of problems I have at that time. It gives me an opportunity to enter the field of robotics. I have fun building robots.”

In 2020, the students will be applying their new STEM knowledge by competing at the World Robot Olympiad in Canada.  We can’t wait to cheer them on!