We floated the idea of FLNG, and
turned it into our future focus

Energy Filled Story

2021 Sustainability Report: taking LNG offshore

In 2021, we got excited by the flexibility provided by FLNG (floating liquefied natural gas) technology and began developing ways to utilize the associated technology for further development and implementation.

Fast LNG Unit

We are now utilizing the existing FLNG technology in combination with a modular approach that allows for scalability, affordability, and speed for our new liquefaction solution, Fast LNG. Our application of the original FLNG technology will allow our Fast LNG solution to mobilize in as little as 18 months, leveraging existing marine infrastructure such as jack-up rigs, fixed jackets, and Sevan semi-submersibles as a base, to deliver roughly 1.4 million tons per annum (MTPA) of LNG per unit. Fast LNG units don’t require pre-sales or multi-year delivery schedules, they don’t cost as much as land-based projects, and they can be redeployed to another location should energy demands shift. They also allow access to stranded gas or gas that is normally flared – a big win for the field’s owner and for the environment.

Fast LNG Unit

Our Fast LNG operation, including LNG liquefaction and transport units, is a vital step in allowing more coastal communities to switch from oil to LNG.  For example, we could partner with a local gas company to pilot the concept of using offshore LNG liquefaction to reduce the need for pipelines to bring natural gas to shore.

Fast LNG can be a game-changer in setting sail for a brighter future, and we’re proud to be pioneering this advancement.