We’re positively green with environmentally friendly tips!


Creating a
green home

At New Fortress Energy, we’re working towards cleaner energy worldwide – and that includes our homes. From recycling and using LED light bulbs, to bypassing the A/C and clothes dryer in favor of fresh air, to even changing our diets, we’re always looking for ways to keep our household eco-friendly. We’re excited to share some of our team’s best ideas here, and hope they inspire and energize you to find your own creative ways to make your life and home greener too!


“I plant my own herbs”

“We have been trying to reduce our carbon footprint by composting our food waste. We found some close by compost locations by our home that make it easy. We also have been actively un-plugging devices around the house that are not in use.” – Zak Ahmed, New York City

“I plant my own herbs and propagate my plants! I also have plants to help purify my air in a sustainable way!” – Simone Azcarate, Miami

“We separate our trash everywhere in the house. We dispose of it in the most clean and segregated possible way. We have an electricity-charging station for electric cars built inside our home.” – Mateo Colome, Mexico

“I use reusable produce bags and don’t use paper towels!” – Rachel Friedman, New York City

“I use reusable bags for groceries, turn off the water while I scrub, let in natural light in the home, disconnect wall plugs while I'm away, and use stove top coffee makers that don't need paper filters. Basic things mainly!” – Manuel Ayala, Puerto Rico

“We live a green life at home with all LED bulbs and energy-saving appliances, and we recycle!” – Shawn Knapp, Miami

“At my home we have LED bulbs installed, and we iron clothes once per week!” – Martin Gayle, Jamaica

“I say NO to plastic water bottles, and I opt out of monthly paper mailings like bank statements! I also make sure to recycle correctly!” – Lana Guardino, New York City

“We installed a solar panels system right after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We also reduce electrical consumption by means of LED system, and some other lower-consumption equipment for daily use like inverter refrigerators.” – Carlos Faris, Puerto Rico


“Switch to all LED light bulbs”

“I peel the skin from my ground provisions and fruits and then put them in my garden where they will break down and form part of my mulching and add nutrients to my plants. Economizing these skin peels also reduces the volume and capacity of my garbage disposal. I am keen on energy conservation, and I use low sulfur in my vehicle to reduce the carbon emission into the atmosphere.” – Shashagay Brissette, Jamaica

“I don’t use the air conditioning. I open windows for a fresh NYC breeze instead! On weekends, I stock my fridge with goodies (mostly plant-based) from the Farmer’s Market. I love supporting the local farmers, and plant-heavy meals are one of the easiest ways to curb emissions on a personal level.” – Katie Losey, New York City

“I have cut my livestock intake by roughly 50% since September 2020. My diet consists mostly of fruits, veggies, grains, and beans. I also air-dry my laundry instead of running the dryer, and use LED bulbs.” – Mckoy Gordon, Jamaica

“No plastic water bottles – I use a Brita filter!” – Rebecca Kang, New York City

“Reduce electricity usage – whenever I leave home in the morning, I make sure to turn off the lights and unplug electronic devices to prevent wasted electricity.” – Caitlin Garcia, New York City

“We’ve been recycling for a long time! We also switched to all LED light bulbs a few years ago.” – Fred Jarque, Miami

“We close the vents of the air conditioning/heating system so that it does not operate in rooms that are empty most of the time (for example, our basement), and open them just when we need it.” – Eduardo Dager, New York City