Yvette Nieves’ dreams are taking flight – and spreading light


Meet Yvette

Yvette Nieves loves the power of New York City – but she’s now happily helping us power the world with positive energy as an Executive Assistant with our Puerto Rico office.

Yvette Nieves

“I consider myself privileged to have been born and raised in New York City, filled with cultures and people from all over the world,” Yvette says. “I remember, as a child, walking through Central Park, playing in the snow, and having pizza after school.”

She grew up to be someone friends would call committed, caring, and a go-getter, due in large part to her mom’s influence.

“My mother, Natalia, was a beautiful and wonderful woman with a huge heart,” Yvette says. “She was always happy, kind, and loving, not only to our family but also to her friends. She taught me to be strong and courageous, to never give up, and to always follow my dreams.”

That’s exactly what she’s done. After earning her degree in business administration and accounting and working with numbers for many years, she was ready for a change.

Yvette Nieves

“I felt I was missing something,” she recalls. “I took a leap of faith to do what I really loved, which was to travel, which led me to working in the airline industry and finally settling in Puerto Rico.”

Today, Yvette keeps things running smoothly for our commercial, development, and operations teams in Puerto Rico.

“I appreciate the vision and purpose behind what we do,” she says, “and, most of all, working with the most wonderful, amazing people.”

Indeed, Yvette’s living the dream she decided to follow years ago, and she’s happy to keep doing so.

“My goals now are to continue to help and serve others,” she says, “and to live a healthy life filled with wonderful memories with my family and friends. My faith is also important to me, and gives me the strength, confidence, and joy I need to continue in this journey called life.”

We’re grateful Yvette is taking the journey with us at NFE, helping us bring positive energy to light the world wherever we are as well.