We’re getting into the spirit of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
with Clarendon Distillers Ltd


Toast to a better alternative

Clarendon Distillers Ltd, part of National Rums of Jamaica, has found that its production of the sugar-based rum is significantly benefiting from a sweet deal: switching its operations from heavy fuel oils to New Fortress Energy’s liquefied natural gas (LNG).

With annual rum production of roughly 12 million liters, Clarendon is among the world’s top-tier rum distilleries. We’ve teamed up with Clarendon to convert its truck-sized boiler and turbine from heavy fuel oils to liquefied natural gas for its distillery in Clarendon, Jamaica.


In early 2019, we installed four liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage containers, representing inventory for six days; a regasification unit; heat exchangers; piping; and centralized computer controls to operate the entire facility. The seamless transition involved no downtime – a mandatory requirement in this highly competitive industry.

As a result of the switch, Clarendon immediately saw a  20 percent reduction in annual energy expense, as well as lower costs associated with maintaining its boilers and steam-generating equipment.(1) The company’s carbon footprint shrunk significantly, with a 33 percent reduction in CO2 – the equivalent of planting over 70,000 trees or removing over 1,000 passenger cars off the road each year.(2) As a bonus, employees appreciate the cleaner work environment that no longer deposits soot in their workspace.

"They [NFE] are experts in their field,” says Neil Glasgow, Chief Operating Officer, National Rums of Jamaica Limited, of the partnership. “They know what they are about. They take the time to come in and evaluate your business and to see how they can fit their solution to ensure that it’s a win-win.”

A win-win solution – we’ll drink to that.