Celebrating the inspirational
power of moms


Mother’s Day

For so many of us, our moms and mother figures energize us – by their example, by their words, and by their teachings – to dream big, and to work hard to achieve those dreams.

Here at New Fortress Energy, we deeply appreciate the contributions of the women who nurture their families while furthering our efforts to power the world with positive energy. We’re proud to present four New Fortress Energy mothers who share the life lessons that have helped define who they are, and that they’re now passing on so their own children can define themselves and reach their own dreams as well.  

Carolina Stevens

Meet Carolina

“As a Mother, you are raising the future” – Carolina Elias-Stevens, Senior Shipping Coordinator

Carolina Elias-Stevens may be raising her own family now, but her heart is still very much with her own mother. 

“I love her, and not a day goes by that I don’t talk to her, even just to say good morning,” Carolina says. “My mother taught me how to be independent and to stand on my own two feet, but she also taught me how to dream. I am thankful for all her teachings and the decisions she made while raising me. I might have not understood them then, but now, seeing how those decisions impacted my life and made me who I am, I understand, and I am forever grateful.”

Today, she is committed to passing on those lessons to her own daughters, Luna and Aliah.

“From the moment you give birth, you become an inspiration for your children, someone they look up to, and you have the task of becoming a better person and leading them in the right path,” she says. “I tell my daughters to be kind, honest, and respectful. I tell them that they are enough and perfect just the way they are, and no one can turn off their light. I encourage them to play, to explore, and to learn. I let them know that making mistakes is OK, and what counts is how you make things right.”

She also is proud to help empower them to put those lessons to work in their own lives.

“I believe by being a working mom I will teach my daughters independence and self-worth,” says Carolina, who joined us in 2018. “It will inspire them to become who they want, and it will help them become happy, strong, independent women who achieve all their hopes and dreams. As a mother, you are raising the future, the next scientist to make a mayor discovery or the next leader. It is a responsibility that I cherish every day, and it makes me feel that I can accomplish anything and everything.”

She advocates for companies to encourage women with flexible work schedules and maternity and paternity programs that allow parents to succeed both at work and with their families. 

“Mothers are indispensable figures who teach us how to nurture and how to love, and they guide us through this journey of life,” she says. “It is important to celebrate mothers and show them how special and essential they are for the survival of our race and the future of our planet. Celebrating Mother’s Day shows your mom appreciation for all she does, and that even though she has doubted herself many times she is doing a great job.”

Carolina will be spending Mother’s Day 2021 with her husband and daughters at her happy place: the beach.

“It’s a day to be surrounded by family and enjoy the best part of my life,” she says. “I love being a mother to my girls. They bring me so much joy and teach me every day how to become a better person.”

Emma Quintana

Meet Emma

“We can reach any goals we put our minds to” – Emma Quintana, Administrative Assistant

After spending 25 years in administration and office management, Emma Quintana has some words of wisdom to share with employers about including and appreciating moms.

“Some companies underestimate working mothers, thinking we wouldn´t be able to reach our goals because our kids would be a distraction,” Emma says. “But being a working mother means we can reach any goals we put our minds to, because our kids are our greatest motivation.”

It’s a lesson she learned from her own mother.

“My mother has been and is a very important person in my life – as a woman, as a working woman, and as a mother,” she says. “Even though we do not live in the same city anymore, we have a close relationship. She has been a huge teacher.”

Emma is deeply aware that she holds a similar role for her own children.

“I’m empowered by the trust of my kids, the relationship and communication with them, and the awareness that I am a role model for them, as a woman and as a mother,” she says. “I encourage them to be happy, enjoy little things, follow their heart, and think twice. Mental health is as important as physical health.”

In the everyday routine of motherhood, Emma knows it’s easy to overlook the challenges of being a mom, but she counsels us not to forget, especially on this special day.

“Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to thank our mothers,” she says. “It’s also a reminder of the beautiful phenomenon that it is to be able to raise my kids and watch how the have grown into the amazing people they are now.”

Alesha Foster

Meet Alesha

“Children live what they learn” Alesha Foster, Control Room Operator

Alesha Foster began her career as a Marine Engineer, then spent five years as a Control Room Operator at a 124-MW power plant before joining us in 2020.

“Being able to carry out my job functions efficiently in a male-dominated field while caring for two toddlers is something many would see as a burden, and doing so gracefully makes me feel like a superhuman,” Alesha says. “I’m proud to show career-driven women that pregnancy is not a disability, and to demonstrate to companies that we working mothers can do anything. With the right support and drive, the possibilities are endless.”

“Endless possibilities” is also the theme of her consistent messaging to her daughters.

“As a mother of two little ladies, it is imperative that I set the tone from the early stages of their development,” she says. “The adage, ‘Children live what they learn,’ is a constant, and I speak life into my children, because words have power. They are reminded daily that they are loved, not only through words but also in my actions. I remind them, ‘You can achieve all that you set your mind to. Always be true to yourself, and always remember that you are deserving of every good thing. You were fearfully and wonderfully made – do not be a copy.’”

For Alesha, Mother’s Day represents a day of reflection and sheer gratitude.

“This day is of utmost significance, especially for working mothers who struggle to maintain a work-life balance, lack support, and feel as though their best is never enough,” she says. “Mother’s Day recreates the joys of motherhood and the whole essence of being a mother, the unconditional love and admiration as they watch their children grow.”

She particularly appreciates the mother figures in her life.

“They have all contributed to the person who I am today,” she says. “Through their guidance and constant support, I was able to face anything that was thrown at me. They have had to sacrifice a lot. I have seen their tears, but they never gave up. If it were not for my own mother’s strength, perseverance, and support, I would not have been able to undertake my current work situation. Mom, I salute you!”

Alesha has some suggestions on how companies can also support working moms.

“Employers can promote a culture that support mothers,” she says. “They can incorporate benefits that are favorable for working mothers. They can promote work-life balance for all employees. They can be empathetic about the challenges that working mothers are facing. And through consistent communication, they can find out their needs, how they are feeling, and the ways in which the company can support them.”

For Mother’s Day 2021, Alesha’s letting her family set the agenda.

“I would hope to be cherished and appreciated by family however they choose to show it that day,” she says. “I especially will be looking forward to those tiny hugs from my girls.”