Michelle Gramcko doesn’t limit her challenges – she challenges her limits!


Meet Michelle

Michelle Gramcko has never shied away from a challenge – which makes her an outstanding Logistics Manager at New Fortress Energy!

She grew up in Valencia, Venezuela, home to one of the country’s largest industrial hubs, where she enjoyed hearing her parents discuss their work experiences.

“My parents have been my strongest influences,” she says. “They are both successful professionals, and as a child I would sit and listen to them talk about their work problems and how they solved them. It might be a weird interest for a kid, but I found it interesting. They inspired me to want to follow in their footsteps in being an accomplished individual.”

Michelle Gramcko

"I’m grateful for the tough start, because it prepared me to have a strong will"

Having those motivating influences served Michelle well when she immigrated to the United States.

“Mastering a different language and dealing with a strict immigration system is a challenging start for anyone,” she says, “but looking back now, I’m grateful for the tough start, because it prepared me to have a strong will and to accomplish everything else I had set my mind to.”

Since 2018, she has set her mind to managing all the processes involved in delivering liquified natural gas to our customers.

“The role of Logistics Manager sounds fairly simple, but I assure you it’s everything including handling import/export documentation, scheduling vessel sailings, coordinating container loading and trucking operations, monitoring supply, and maintaining assets,” she explains. “The real trick is doing all of this, while constantly looking for ways to improve the process and make it as efficient and as cost effective as possible.”

Michelle Gramcko

"I’m happy to be a part of something positive in the world"

In this challenging role, Michelle appreciates her co-workers and the culture she has found here.

“New Fortress Energy has a great working environment, full of both young and experienced people,” she says. “It has one of the most diversified employee bases I’ve ever seen, and it’s a great opportunity to always learn something new. I also love that this company is always striving to grow and think outside the box to accomplish our mission of a better and cleaner world. I take a lot of pride and sense of responsibility in what I do, and I’m happy to be a part of something positive in the world, such as supplying cleaner fuel and reducing carbon emissions.”

That kind of happiness – both at work and at home – is Michelle’s key motivator.

“Happiness is obtained by having a feeling of wholeness, whether that’s being professionally successful, having a loving family, or enjoying some hobbies like traveling to learn more about other work cultures and ways of life. I think my friends and family would describe me as happy, and also as smart and determined.”

She’s also happily inspired by the simple things in life.

“First, a good night’s sleep,” she notes. “Second, a delicious meal. And lastly, exercise! Those three things put a smile on my face and fuel me with the positive energy I need to get through anything.”

We’re grateful to team members such as Michelle who bring their positive energy to New Fortress Energy every day!