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Women's History

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the iconic woman fondly known by her fans as the “Notorious RBG,” once remarked, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

This Women’s History Month, we are proud to introduce you to four women on our team who make important decisions for our company every day. From the office to the field, these inspiring women are helping us to build a brighter future for everyone.


Meet Yanimir

Be Proud, and Stand Strong” - Yanimir Rodriguez Torres, Field Operator, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Yanimir Rodriguez Torres has worked since 2019 as a field operator at our terminal in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Although some might say she is shattering gender-based stereotypes, she is simply doing what she loves.

“I feel proud and satisfied to work for a company that delivers sustainable, clean, and safe energy,” Yanimir explains. “Nowadays, saying that a woman can’t accomplish a task because it’s a man’s job is unimaginable. Companies like NFE that offer equal growth and development to both men and women help strengthen their core while breaking the status quo and eliminating labels and gender discrimination.”

Yanimir’s confidence and drive represent a treasured inheritance from her mother and role model, Maria Torres.

“My mother worked without letting difficult circumstances get in her way, and without dwelling on sacrifices she had to make to be the professional woman she is today,” Yanimir notes. "She’s a synonym of love, wisdom, joy, and faith. Also, she has a strong character and determination. In her own words, “There is nothing impossible if you want it from the heart, work for it, and put your faith to it. Quitting is not an option.’”

For Yanimir, following her mother’s example involves focusing on both her education and her empowerment.

“I have never settled, and I have always believed that I can do whatever I put my mind to,” she says. “It is those present life choices that determine your future. The majority of things will require hard work, but there is no greater satisfaction than obtaining your goals because you worked for it. So keep learning every day. What you learn, no one can take away, and it will open doors and give you strength. Feel empowered by being authentic, courageous, and proud of what you have accomplished and will accomplish. Determination and humility will get you far and make you feel confident. Be proud, and stand strong for the woman you are.”

This Women’s History Month, Yanimir is celebrating the rich diversity of what it means to be a successful woman.

“Every woman is authentic, valuable, passionate, a dreamer, capable, and strong,” she says. “Women’s History Month allows us to display and admire how significant and assertive our input and efforts are, and how we have shaped the world around us.”


Meet Tere

“Reach for the Stars, and Don’t Lose Focus” - Tere Trujillo, Manager-Global Supply Chain, Miami, USA

After nearly 20 years of experience leading supply chain initiatives in the transportation industry, in 2018 Tere Trujillo came to New Fortress Energy to lead contract and risk management, e-sourcing, cost savings, and supplier relationships. She believes Women’s History Month represents a remarkable milestone honoring women’s achievements.

“It’s important to acknowledge women’s contributions and inspire today’s youth to continue the crusade,” she says. “Women hold half of the world’s potential to make amazing changes. I plan to join with female friends in celebrating our accomplishments and setting new goals. We promote each other’s success and merits."

In addition to honoring women she knows today, Tere commemorates the achievements of women who have made significant achievements in the past.

“I admire aviator Amelia Earhart for her risk tolerance and courage, and Rosa Parks, for her strength, resilience, and conviction in launching the U.S. civil rights movement from the front of a bus,” Tere says. “I also admire Madeleine Albright, the first female U.S. Secretary of State, for her leadership skills, and Malala Yousafzai, a true crusader and inspiration who didn’t allow obstacles to make her lose focus becoming a children’s activist, although she was a child herself. She is the youngest woman to win the Nobel Peace prize, which is an astonishing accomplishment.”

Tere embraces the power of celebrating women’s accomplishments – an approach she also appreciates having found embedded in the culture at New Fortress Energy.

“Empowerment is feeling confident, achieving success in a negotiation, finding a solution to a problem, streamlining processes, or simply being acknowledged for a job well done,” she says. “It’s the trust and confidence the management team has that you can get the task at hand completed.”   

It’s the same kind of encouragement she offers the next generation.

“Reach for the stars, and don’t lose focus,” she urges. “The world is full of exciting opportunities for you to explore and conquer. Seek a mentor. Broaden your horizons. Step outside your comfort zone. Continue to challenge yourself. Never stop learning.”


Meet Emily

“Remember the Women Who Have Made Contributions to the World” – Emily Willborn, Counsel, New York City, USA

Emily Willborn, Counsel, has been negotiating contracts for the purchase and sale of natural gas and power at New Fortress Energy since 2018, but she won’t negotiate on the importance of the past, present, and potential contributions of women.

“Women’s History Month is a time to remember the women who have made contributions to the world,” Emily says. “It’s also a time to continue to work to improve women’s opportunities. Women have had an important role to play throughout history, and this month is an ideal time to think of the women today who have the potential to change the world.”

One such world-changing woman who has inspired Emily is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second female U.S. Supreme Court justice.

“She was a model of excellence in her work and commitment to pushing through obstacles in her way,” Emily recalls. “Her early work is especially inspirational as a model for creating a foundation for a career in law. She was known for being a creative lawyer who advocated strongly for her clients in innovative ways.”

Emily also advocates for innovation in supporting women in the workplace.

“Fostering an environment where women can be hired and promoted into leadership positions is key,” she says. “Having policies that support families and caregiving responsibilities underpins a company’s ability to attract and retain all employees, and specifically impacts women.”


Meet Jacqui

“Know Your Purpose and Your Self-Worth” – Jacqui Burrell Clarke, Director-Communications & Community Relations, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jacqui Burrell Clark leads our Jamaican marketing and community engagement programs and initiatives, including telling the stories that connect us to our neighbors. Some of her favorite stories involve the resilient women who have made, and continue to make, important contributions to society.

“It is encouraging and inspiring to see how far women have come,” Jacqui says. “Just as great and selfless women lobbied for equality and empowerment that we benefit from today, we need to pave an even clearer path for the next generation.”

Indeed, these stories are part of the strong foundation that inspires Jacqui every day to pay it forward.

“As a Christian, prayer empowers me,” she says. “I surround myself with a support system who inspire, build up, pray for, and encourage each another to live a life on-purpose. I am also empowered by sharing quality moments with my family. Finally, I’m empowered by stories of triumph over adversity, and one day hope to write my own story with the view of empowering others.”

It’s a tale firmly rooted in her own childhood, and blossoming now into the example she sets for her own daughter.

“I am deeply grateful for the gentle giant that my mother was,” Jacqui notes. “She was smart, wise, and positive, and she enjoyed the beauty of life. She assured us that we could achieve anything once we believed and put in the work. Her example has a huge impact on who I am as a mother, a professional, and a person. It’s important that I teach my little girl the value of knowing who she is, that there is no limitation on what she can achieve because God created her with talents for a unique purpose, and that, in a world of uncertainty, challenge, and change, her spiritual foundation will keep her grounded.”

Jacqui shares similar words of wisdom with the next generation of women embarking on their own careers.

“Strive for excellence and become a better version of yourself daily,” she says. “Define who you are, and know your self-worth. Learn from others, and pull yourself up when you fall; it’s how you get up that makes the difference. For every good piece of advice you receive, share it with someone else. And when you’re ready to join the workforce, welcome to another amazing chapter of your life! The workforce needs more of you.”