Andy Eymard dives in to empower our vessel operations


Meet Andy

Andy Eymard, our Vessel Operations Manager, has been riding the wave of his love of water since he was a child. He grew up in Cut Off, a small fishing community in southern Louisiana.

“It was a wild time,” Andy recalls. “Fishing, shrimping, and hunting in the marshes were normal everyday activities, and I still love them now. Sail fishing in Panama is the first thing on my bucket list.”

Andy Eymard

He always wanted to work on vessels.

“I went to school to learn about diesel engines, got a job as a marine engine tech, and never looked back,” he says. “Since I joined New Fortress Energy in 2019, I have kept our small-scale vessels operating and helped develop new projects.”

His proudest NFE moment – so far – has been supporting the development of the world’s first ISO Flex operation. Our proprietary ISO Flex system allows larger liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) carrier vessels to transload LNG into ISO storage containers on offshore support vessels with a specialized manifold. The result is significant savings in time, permitting requirements, and capital costs when developing our terminals.

Andy Eymard

“My parents were always willing to help, no matter the situation, and I carry that same caring, thoughtful approach with me today as I strive to make things better for others, such as with the ISO Flex launch,” Andy says. “I’m always looking for ways to improve things. That’s why I’m empowered by NFE’s vision to make the world a cleaner place to live. And I love that there are so many experienced people here at NFE, you never stop learning.”

We’re thrilled to have Andy here learning – and sharing his expertise – to help our vessels deliver a brighter, cleaner, more positive future.