Bea Roncoli is keeping us positively energized – and positively organized


Meet Bea

In addition to being known as friendly, creative, and funny, Bea Roncoli, Executive Assistant for our office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is also known for always being positive and never giving up. It’s why we are so glad to rely on her to keep our office and team organized with meetings, schedules, travel arrangements, and more.

Bea Roncoli

They’re traits she picked up from her mom, the strongest influence in her life.

“My mom,” Bea says, “is my queen! I grew up in a very close family, and I had a super-happy childhood. Every weekend, my mom and dad took me to the beach and to do outdoor activities. I was also the youngest granddaughter – and yes, I was very spoiled! My grandmother taught me poems, and when I was about 5 years old, I recited my first poem in a scholarship presentation. I think after this, my mom and dad realized that I wasn’t ashamed to be myself at all!”

Bea chose a career path that followed her mother’s journey.

“My mom was an Executive Assistant for a famous Brazilian Journal,” Bea notes. “I remember, when I was a child, watching her going to work, and I remember asking questions about her job. I started very young as a receptionist in an oil and gas company, and got promoted only six months later to an Executive Assistant. I think it was a combination of curiosity, passion, and skills!”

Bea Roncoli

Someday, she’d like to live abroad. But wherever she is, she is sure to keep being powered by her faith, and her passion to keep pursuing her dreams. Her optimistic approach to life is one of the reasons she has found a home away from home at New Fortress Energy.

“I love the environment at New Fortress Energy because its happy and full of energy,” she says. “People help each other, and this contributes even more to our positive environment. We spend so much time at the office, and NFE really cares about us – how we feel, if we have the enough resources to do a good job , and if we are happy! I feel grateful for being part of the team.”

We’re also grateful to have Bea here at NFE, helping us pursue our dreams of powering the world with the kind of positive energy she brings every day.