Camila Accioly is a testament to the power of purposeful living


Meet Camila

Camila Accioly, Legal Regulatory Manager with our New Fortress Energy team in Brazil, was “practicing” law long before it became her profession. As a child, for example, she created an Association of Environmental Defenders, complete with official penalties for littering and other infractions, to teach her family to respect nature.

Meet Camila

From her youth in Recife, Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil, Camila fondly recalls good times with her immediate and extended family, who helped her become the loyal, determined, and gregarious adult she is today.

“My brother, cousins, and I created a little school where the older cousins taught the younger ones,” she says. “It was a wonderful game in which we had fun and learned. I also remember the delicious chocolate cakes my grandma used to make for all her grandchildren!”

As an adult, Camila has moved on to working with licenses, authorizations, permissions, and regulated contracts and rules to ensure our operations remain compliant.

Camila with NFE ship

“I love challenges,” she says. “I love to take on new projects, learn new things, find solutions, and, most of all, work for a purpose and make a difference for other people and our company. That’s why I love NFE. I love the dynamics and speed with which things happen here. No day is the same! Every day we have news, adapt something, and learn something!”

Personally, Camila credits her mother for serving as an example of strength, loyalty, professionalism, love, charity, proactivity, resilience, and doing good. Professionally, she has been inspired by leaders such as Glauco Campos, CEO of the Centrais Elétricas de Sergipe S.A. “He is strategically focused on people and results,” she says. “He has a power to transform people, environments, and business with his example and motivation.”

While her bucket list includes a trip to the frozen continent of Antarctica, Camila also enjoys the simple joys of the warmth of home.  

“I get positive energy from running and being in nature,” she says, “and also from being surrounded by people who have good energy, conversations, and laughter.”