Cecilia Dosal Via helps our clients
take care of business


Meet Cecilia

For Cecilia Dosal Via, our Business Development Manager since 2018, it’s easy to mix business with pleasure, because she loves helping new and current customers take advantage of natural gas in their operations.

Cecilia Dosal Via

“Every customer is different, and our team at NFE is full of positive energy and willingness to collaborate to find the best option for all of our clients,” Cecilia says. “My proudest, most challenging and rewarding moments so far have been bringing gas to Baja, and helping the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Mexico’s state-owned electric utility, switch from diesel to natural gas.”

Growing up in Mexico City, Cecilia learned from her parents’ example of showing up, working hard, and figuring things out. Today, that’s the foundation of what motivates her to create goals and design a path to achieve those results.

Cecilia Dosal Via

“When I started working on public policy, most of my projects were in the energy sector,” she recalls. “I earned my master’s degree in public administration focused on energy policy, and worked on promoting renewables in Mexico. The transition to natural gas seemed like a natural step to help Baja.”

Next up, Cecilia’s bringing her persistent, loyal, and fun approach to help us consolidate operations in other regions in Mexico to bring liquefied natural gas to further benefit her beloved country.

We’re abundantly grateful that Cecilia has made it her business to bring even more communities the gift of cleaner, more affordable energy.