Continuing to support the future
of young people


Brightening futures for scholarship students

For the third consecutive year, we’re excited to have been able to provide New Fortress Energy (NFE) emPOWER Puerto Rico scholarships to help engineering students from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR) continue their educational journey. Each of this year’s 20 scholars received $5,000 toward tuition and academic expenses, plus the opportunity to connect with NFE employees and intern with us in summer 2022.

We established the NFE emPOWER Puerto Rico scholarship to help aspiring engineers become leaders in technology and energy innovation. The students were chosen based on criteria including academic index of 3.0 or higher, need for financial support, participation in community activities, and proven leadership. In addition, the students had to be pursuing undergraduate degrees in electrical, industrial, mechanical, computer, civil or biomedical engineering.

To date, New Fortress Energy has provided $172,000 in scholarships and financial aid to PUPR students.

“We are very grateful to New Fortress Energy for supporting our university's engineering students with the help they need to complete their undergraduate studies,” said Ernesto Vázquez Martinez, vice president of the Polytechnic University. “This is a great example of what private companies can contribute to the benefit of the professionals of the future that we need so much for the development of our island.”

Being able to partner with such a prestigious institution and invest in such talented students marks a proud moment for us, and we’re thrilled to help support and empower the next generation of engineers and innovators. Here are some of the students’ thoughts on how they’ll use their well-deserved scholarships to build a brighter future for communities throughout Puerto Rico.

PUPR Scholars

Leiann Marcano Martinez

Leiann believes in the power of education to make a difference in the world, and she embraces the opportunity to use her skills and passion to support that kind of positive change through her NFE scholarship. “This has shown me that there are opportunities to continue to grow,” she says. “I believe New Fortress Energy’s goal of clearing the path to transition to a completely green world is going to change thousands of lives. It is extraordinary, and I am happy to be part of this change.”

Steven O Guzmán Pizarro

For Steven, the moment of learning he was a NFE emPOWER scholarship recipient was a shining milestone in his educational career. “I still remember the day I received the ‘Congratulations’ message, and I have never felt such pure joy,” he says. “Thank God, this help will make it much easier for us to meet our college expenses needs… I thank New Fortress Energy for continuing to support the future of young people who have the possibility to change it to a better one.”

Carlos A Nieves Matos

Carlos is grateful for the new community he has joined as a scholarship recipient. “I am super grateful to be part of this awesome group of colleagues who were awarded the New Fortress Energy scholarship,” he says. “It was an honor…This is a very important opportunity for me and my family, as it enables me to continue focusing on my studies with more stability.”

PUPR Scholars

Kristal R Sánchez

Kristal appreciates the support she felt during the scholarship application and interview process. “I felt a lot of enthusiasm and empathy from the university and the company,” she says. “Thank you for this great initiative and your part in contributing to the education of young people who aspire to be agents of change in our society.”

Orlando Negrón Castro

Even hard workers such as Orlando can find it challenging to make ends meet while pursuing a college degree. The scholarship is not only going to provide direct financial assistance, but it will also help his ability to focus on his education. “I do not have strong financial resources, and this will be a great relief for me,” he says. “Working weekends does not generate enough money to cover the expenses of each trimester. Now I can concentrate on my classes without thinking about what I have to do to pay for college.”

Krystal Méndez Bonilla

Many students receive government assistance for their educational expenses, but for students such as Krystal, it’s not enough to cover the myriad costs of completing their undergraduate degree. “My grant only covers half of my tuition expenses,” she says. “I was struggling to put together the money needed to continue my studies… at such a prestigious university as the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Thanks to all who made this possible.”

Kenny Rivera

For Kenny, the scholarship has been a spark that radiates well beyond the academic work it covers. “The scholarship… has been a great push to move forward and try to reach an important goal in my life,” he says. “I simply put everything in God's hands and trusted his promises. This has been a significant help not only for me personally, but also for my family.”