Daniel Braune makes it his business to spread positive energy


Meet Daniel

Joining NFE a year ago as our Business Development and Commercial Specialist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was the natural next step in Daniel Braune’s energetic energy career.

Daniel Braune

He started by interning at a gas exploration & production, and power company, then worked in oil and gas consultancy, LNG-to-power business and project development, and mergers and acquisitions. Today, he originates new business opportunities, designs solutions for supplying gas, and develops bid strategies in power auctions, mergers and acquisitions, and project financing.

“NFE is a key player in a sector that is going through unprecedented, historically high commodity prices and an imbalance of supply and demand,” Daniel says. “In this environment, it’s impossible not to be passionate about the floating liquefied natural gas solution. Being able to soon produce our own LNG when the world is facing gas supply challenges is a game changer. And we are always focused on finding new and interesting opportunities. Knowing that the projects I work on will bring endless opportunities to communities and cities where they are located makes everything worthwhile. It couldn’t be more exciting to work here, and I am looking forward to what the future holds for us!”

Daniel Braune

Daniel’s love for his home country runs deep.

“I consider myself fortunate to have been born in Rio de Janeiro,” he says. “I have many memories from a very early age of exploring forests, waterfalls, beaches, and mountains. My parents have been together for more than 30 years, and they have been a wonderfully strong influence on me as well. My mother is a teacher, and my father is an economist. They have always pushed hard on studies, discipline, and responsibilities, and also on sports and outdoor activities.”

Daniel also has his eye on positive experiences beyond his beloved Brazil.

“Between finishing high school and starting university, I spent a semester studying English in Cambridge in the U.K., and I spent another semester studying economics in Paris, France, through a university exchange program,” he says. “There are so many places I want to visit and explore on literally all continents. I would love to have the experience of working abroad at some point as well.”

Wherever Daniel is, he loves spending time with friends and family, who perhaps unsurprisingly know him to be passionate, energized, and self-motivated. He dreams about sharing new experiences with his own children someday.

He’s already prepared for the dedication, unpredictability, and lack of sleep associated with fatherhood.

“Back in 2019 I registered for a 70.3-mile Ironman triathlon that I completed recently,” he notes. “The race was postponed more than three times, but the notices were only issued weeks before the target date, so I had to keep my mind and body trained – and believe it or not, training is even more challenging than the race itself! Leaving bed before sunlight every single day, no matter the weather conditions or self-motivation, requires huge amounts of discipline. I wake up before the alarm rings most mornings, even if it is scheduled for 4 a.m. for bike days. A lot of people do not believe it, but I just love this routine and can’t live without it!”

It's for the many reasons like this that we’re proud to have Daniel and his positive energy on our team!