David Burrell is using technology
to build a brighter future


Meet David

David Burrell grew up in central Pennsylvania, close to Hershey, also known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth.” Today, he has found his sweet spot as our Vice President of Operational Technologies at New Fortress Energy, ensuring we have the best technology to support our operational sites.

His career path – and life – have been greatly shaped by several people, including his father who sparked his interest in plant operations.

NFE employee standing on LNG plant

“My dad worked as a foreman for the energy company PPL for most of my life,” David recalls. “He worked hard, didn’t ask for much, and is interestingly humble as well as quiet. I remember learning from him about combined cycle plants while my friends were learning whatever you’re supposed to learn in elementary school.”

His mother encouraged him to go to college, where he majored in electrical engineering but struggled to maintain focus. A perceptive advisor helped guide him to work hard and make sure it paid off.

“I wasn’t putting enough focus on school,” he recalls. “My counselor told me that if I applied myself, I could be responsible for plant automation, running a fleet of vessels, or the technology supporting operations plants. Little did I know how right he was!”

After David graduated, he met the engineering manager for Tyco, who helped him secure a contract involving instrument and electrical automation in Mexico. In 2021, that path led him to us at NFE.

“I love building things,” he says. “Here at NFE, we are helping build a stable, prosperous future for many areas that have struggled with energy security.”

Two NFE employees working on LNG terminal

David also values NFE’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“I like being able to build something with people who share a common vision,” he says. “There’s always a lot going on, and people here step up every day to challenges that few companies would even consider taking. My team is filled with those people, and I am proud of how well they continue performing when the requests passed to them sometimes feel impossible.”

David admits he has never considered himself the smartest in the room, but that only drives him to make up for it with diligent effort.

“I’m an explorer, and I love seeing and trying new things,” he says. “I’ve learned technological skills, athletics, home remodeling, and, of course, the expertise needed to succeed at work. I am proud of those skills, and I’m also proud of having the patience and ability to teach others who wish to learn.”

As an explorer, David enjoys traveling, and now that he has visited all 48 of the contiguous United States, he has set his sights on going to Alaska, Hawaii, and every country in South America. But first, he’s heading to Iceland later this year to see the Northern Lights.

While he is rejuvenated by traveling to new places, his greatest motivation is his desire to travel through life making a positive impact.

“I believe in leaving the world a better place than when I came into it,” he says. “I get to see a glimpse of this universe through all of space and time, and I want to make sure that generations to come can see and experience the things that I do, or better things yet to come.”

We’re thankful to have David’s positive energy and mindset on our team!