When earthquakes rocked Puerto Rico,
we rolled up our sleeves and
pitched in to help


Rebuilding for a brighter future

When a terrifying series of more than 1,000 earthquakes shook the island of Puerto Rico, destroying homes and leaving thousands without power or water, we knew we had to help.

Our New Fortress Energy Foundation teamed up with partners such as Coca Cola Bottlers and Econo to purchase and deliver essential items including blankets, cots, tents, and comfort kits with hygiene items.


More than 20 volunteers from our Commercial and Administrative departments joined a caravan bringing water, food, and other supplies to refugee camps in the Indios ward of Guayanilla, where most of the seismic activity occurred. They formed a human chain to unload supplies from trucks, delivering aid to those in need in a matter of minutes. While there, they were also able to help a fellow employee and his family evacuate their house. In addition, company volunteers worked with the Food Bank in downtown Carolina to help with collecting, sorting, and packaging food for impacted residents.

“Being part of this group that brought much-needed items and supplies to the refugees was an incredible experience,” says Ricardo Estrada, Head of Commercial Development in Puerto Rico. “To hear their stories was in some cases heartbreaking, especially those of people with special needs, kids, and the elderly. They told us about their needs for pharmaceutical and personal hygiene products and ice, but mostly they wanted us to listen and continue to spread the word about their situation. Seeing how our team responded was exciting, as we were able to help people in need and also bond as a team.” 


Our New Fortress Energy Foundation made a corporate donation to the American Red Cross chapter of Puerto Rico and we’re also working on helping establish mental and emotional support for the members and leaders of Boys & Girls Clubs most affected by the tremors.

“I am concerned about how mental health has deteriorated and how it is not taken care of in a timely manner,” says José M. Gómez Rodríguez, M.E.D., Director, Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico, San Lorenzo.  “Initiatives like these reinforce and support the work and effort that clubs do every day with the participants, the families, the employees, and the communities we serve. I am grateful and committed to this initiative.”

And to the wonderful people in Puerto Rico and in our LNG community, please know you’re in our thoughts and prayers, and we’ll be right there with you as you rebuild for a brighter future.