Helping Puerto Rico communities recover from Hurricane Fiona’s devastation


Delivering generators,
food, and care

Hurricane Fiona caused widespread damage to Puerto Rico on September 18, 2022, unleashing days of historic floods and landslides, and leaving hundreds of thousands without power or water.

Our hearts went out to our neighbors in Puerto Rico, and as soon it was safe, we sent our local team members to lend a helping hand. Our commercial team made sure our clients’ operations were up and running. We also reached out to community leaders and philanthropic partners including United Way and the Boys and Girls Clubs to quickly activate an emergency response plan.

Response to hurricane Fiona

Through the United Way, our local team members helped deliver 17 power generators to non-profit groups including Esperanza para la Vejez, Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Epilepsia, Cuerpo de Voluntario de Emergencias Médicas, IDDIFCO Yauco, IDDIFCO Guánica, Centro Madre Dominga, Celia y Harris Bunker, and Make a Wish.

“Having grown up in Puerto Rico, I felt extremely proud to be able to give back to my community during such a critical time of need. Island families prioritize their access to power and supplies over everything else and during devastating events such as Hurricane Fiona, these generators and care packages will help keep communities in good spirits,” said Winnie Irizarry, our Infrastructure Group Project Manager.

We also delivered 500 food boxes and water for distribution through community groups such as Corredor del Yaguazo, which promotes natural resources conservation; Vietnam Estudia, an afternoon tutoring project; Hogar Ayuda al Refugio, an organization that seeks to reduce the number of women drug users; and Asociacion Pro Juventud, which supports young people in need.

Response to hurricane Fiona

“We congratulate the New Fortress Energy team and their volunteers for their donation, commitment, proactivity, and great gesture of solidarity for communities in Guaynabo/Cataño. It is a great joy to know that New Fortress Energy is always ready and available to provide immediate support in any emergency. Thank you for being an echo of LIVE UNITED,” said Natasha I. Hernández Montes, Manager of Transformational Volunteering of United Way of Puerto Rico.

An additional four generators went to the Boys and Girls Clubs across the region so they could cook for their members.

“Thank you very much for all the support that New Fortress Energy has given us. With allies like you, we will further help our children and Puerto Rico in times when they need us most,” said Carolina M. Capote, Corporate Partnerships Manager of the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

We are thankful to be able to contribute to the mitigation efforts in Puerto Rico and are extra grateful to our local volunteer employees who are giving back to their communities. Whether ensuring our partners have access to reliable energy solutions or providing emergency relief aid, our neighbors can always count on us.