Jackie Jia buys into the power
of positive energy


Meet Jackie

Jackie Jia describes her role as a Global Supply Chain Analyst at New Fortress Energy as “helping people buy things.” She helps teams along every step of the purchasing process so they can get the equipment and services they need to keep the positive energy flowing. She credits those colleagues for the best thing she has procured here – happiness with her career choice.

“I like working with and learning from those with the best knowledge of the industry, and NFE is a great environment for that,” Jackie says. “My colleagues are friendly, easy to communicate with, and, most important, always willing to share knowledge. I also have a great team that provides guidance and support, which helps me better understand the directions and achieve our goals more efficiently.”

Jackie Jia

“I was able to experience the whole source-to-pay cycle and was amazed at how supply chain plays such an important function”

From her earliest days, Jackie has appreciated being surrounded by supportive family and friends.

“I grew up in Tianjin, China, one of northern China’s largest coastal cities, and only 30 minutes from Beijing by a high-speed train,” she says. “Having grown up as a city girl, I have always embraced the energy my town and the people there have brought to me. There are always things to do, since when you live in the downtown area of the city, everything is close by. Although it is as economically developed as other major Chinese cities, it is not too fast-paced. You can always find a quiet historical street or park to take a walk and relax. The people are welcoming and easy to talk to, often with a good sense of humor. And for northern Chinese food like steamed buns and noodles, Tianjin is a great place to visit!”

That love of community made her decision to come to St. John’s University in New York City for her M.B.A. degree even more momentous. 

“I’m so proud that I traveled alone from China to the U.S.A. in my early 20s and built a life in a new country,” Jackie says. “Now I am proud to call both countries my home.”

It was while she working as a Graduate Assistant overseeing purchasing at the school’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences that she realized procurement would be an ideal professional path.

“I was able to experience the whole source-to-pay cycle and was amazed at how supply chain plays such an important function,” she explains. “The experience also prepared me with strategic thinking skills, such as how to move things in the most efficient way while still getting the best deal.”

Jackie Jia

“Conquering tasks increases my confidence and helps me get through other difficulties”

Jackie eagerly embraces the challenges of supply chain – indeed, all kinds of challenges. It’s no wonder that she thinks her friends would describe her as independent, resourceful, and humorous.

“What motivates me is overcoming anything from a complex work task to a home project,” she says.

“There could be some insecurities in the beginning, but accepting the challenge gives me the opportunity to rediscover myself by knowing what I need to work on to improve my personal skills. Conquering tasks increases my confidence and helps me get through other difficulties.”

Powering through difficulties is something Jackie learned through the example set by her own mom.

“My mother has been my role model and is my best friend,” Jackie says. “She lost her parents at a young age but still grew up as an independent and well-educated woman. She balanced very well between family and career and was able to succeed in both. She never stopped learning, and she taught me that people should never stop improving themselves. She always says, ‘Knowledge is the best investment you can give yourself.’ She even took the CPA exam when she was in her 40s. She was my biggest supporter when I decided to study overseas. Now that I do not live in the same country with her and have not visited her and my father since 2019 due to COVID, I do miss them a lot!”

As is true for so many of us, dealing with the pandemic has been a life-changing experience for Jackie.

“I’ve always been energized by appreciating things and not taking anything for granted, but COVID has been a wake-up call to the entire world,” she says. “During such a tough time, I have learned it is important to count our blessings, such as health, family, friends, and career. Feeling grateful for things makes me realize and cherish what is truly important.”

She and her husband, both animal lovers, hope that when they are able to travel again, they can go on an African safari and see the wildlife in-person.

For us at New Fortress Energy, having Jackie bringing her procurement expertise and optimistic outlook to energize our team is positively priceless.