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In Nicaragua, where nearly a third of the 6 million residents live in poverty, worldwide inflation has had an especially painful impact. Even beans, a staple in the Nicaraguan diet, have increased in price almost 80% in recent months.

Group of people surrounded by gift baskets

To try to ease this situation for residents near our natural-gas-fired power plant in Puerto Sandino, we recently partnered with non-profit NicaPhoto, Inc., for our second-annual gift basket donation. But this time, we didn’t actually use baskets. Instead, we used plastic bins, which can be repurposed to store water – particularly valuable in the community of Puerto Sandino, which struggles with access to water.

We distributed nearly 150 bins to the NicaPhoto office in Nagarote on February 2, 2023, and almost 300 bins to children and families at the Old Puerto Sandino Train Station on February 3, 2023.

“It is extremely gratifying to be part of an activity that is bringing joy and wellbeing to others,” says Miriam Cuevas, Assistant Project Manager at our local plant, who was part of an NFE crew that helped with the distribution in Puerto Sandino.

Each bin contained an abundance of food items such as beans and eggs, as well as other necessities including toilet paper, toothpaste, bleach, and sponges.

People waiting in line for gift distribution

“Seeing the joy on people's humble faces reminded me that the hands that give will never be empty. I applaud all the people who made this possible and I’m proud to be able to participate and give back,” says Gersan Jarquin, our Power Generation Shift Supervisor who helped distribute baskets back to his local community.

“Continued inflation has created another crisis for the poor, as they struggle even more to meet basic needs,” says Ronnie Maher, Founder and Executive Director, NicaPhoto, Inc. “Having partners like NFE who recognize the importance of supporting communities in crisis is a blessing, and we couldn’t be happier. We are excited to continue working together as we know we can have an incredible impact on the most vulnerable communities. We are grateful to have partners so closely aligned with our core values.”

And we are grateful to be able to team up with such amazing partners to spread positive energy to our neighbors in all the communities we serve!